How to choose a tent rental company

Selecting the ideal wedding tent rental company is a pivotal decision in the journey of wedding planning. This choice sets the stage for the ambiance and comfort of your guests, and it significantly influences the overall success of your special day. The event rentals serve as more than just a shelter; it becomes a canvas upon which your wedding day memories are painted.

Importance of choosing the right tent rental company

The significance of this decision cannot be overstated. A wedding tent is not merely a practical necessity for an outdoor celebration; it is the heart of your wedding’s aesthetic and functional design. It’s where laughter echoes, vows are exchanged, and the magic of the evening unfolds. Therefore, the company you entrust with providing your wedding tent holds a key role in shaping these moments. Their expertise, reliability, and quality of service directly impact the smooth flow of your event.

Moreover, the choice of party table rentals Rockland NY extends beyond the tent itself. It encompasses a range of critical factors, including the variety of styles available, the quality of materials used, and the level of customization they offer to align with your vision. The company’s ability to understand and execute your dream setup plays a crucial role in creating an enchanting and memorable atmosphere for your wedding.

Range of Services

When exploring wedding tent rental companies, the breadth of their service offerings emerges as a crucial factor. A company that presents a comprehensive suite of services does more than just supply a tent; it becomes a partner in orchestrating the event. These services often include but are not limited to, providing diverse tent styles, flooring solutions, lighting options, and even climate control systems for the tent. 

Comprehensive Service Offerings

The availability of such a wide array of services ensures that every aspect of the tent environment is tailored to the couple’s preferences, enhancing the overall experience for both the couple and their guests. This holistic approach simplifies coordination, as it consolidates multiple needs under one provider, ensuring consistency in quality and style.

Specialization vs. One-Stop Shop Approach

The debate between choosing a specialized tent rental company and a one-stop shop is pivotal in the decision-making process. Specialized companies focus intensely on their niche, offering unparalleled expertise and exceptional quality in their specific area. 

Their deep understanding of tent rentals means they can offer unique insights and solutions tailored to individual wedding themes and requirements. On the other hand, one-stop shops provide the convenience of a comprehensive package, covering a wide range of wedding needs beyond just the tent.

This approach can streamline the planning process, potentially reducing the stress of dealing with multiple vendors. However, it’s important to assess whether these companies can maintain high standards across all their service areas or if their quality varies between offerings.

Importance of Variety in Services

The variety in services offered by a tent rental company is not just about the number of options but about the relevance and customization of these options to meet specific wedding themes and visions. A company that offers a diverse range of services demonstrates flexibility and a willingness to adapt to unique client needs. 

This variety is crucial in creating an event that reflects the couple’s personality and style. Whether it’s a rustic, bohemian, or elegant theme, the ability of the rental company to provide tailored options – from tent designs to interior decorations – plays a significant role in bringing the envisioned wedding to life. The more varied the services, the more creative freedom couples have in designing an event that truly resonates with their personal story and aesthetic preferences.

Assessing Company Reputation

Evaluating the reputation of a wedding tent rental company is a critical step in the selection process. Reputation is a reflection of a company’s reliability, quality of service, and ability to meet client expectations. To gauge this, prospective clients should look beyond surface-level impressions and delve into the company’s history and standing in the market

This involves examining their portfolio of past events, the consistency in the quality of their services, and their responsiveness to client needs. A reputable company is often characterized by its professionalism in handling both the logistics and the unforeseen challenges that come with event planning. Their reputation becomes a testament to their ability to deliver a seamless experience, ensuring that the wedding day unfolds without any hitches.

Importance of Experience in the Industry

The experience of a tent rental company in the industry goes hand in hand with its reputation. Longevity in the business often indicates a deep understanding of diverse client needs and evolving trends in wedding styles. Experienced companies bring a wealth of knowledge in terms of tent installation, spatial planning, and customization options

Their seasoned perspective is invaluable in foreseeing potential issues and providing solutions that only come with years of hands-on experience. Moreover, their established relationships with other vendors and venues can be advantageous in coordinating and executing the event smoothly. Experience in the industry is not just about the number of years in operation but about the depth and breadth of events they have successfully managed.

Evaluating Tent Quality

The quality of tents provided by a rental company is a cornerstone in ensuring the success of a wedding event. Evaluating tent quality involves scrutinizing the materials used, the structural integrity, and the overall aesthetic appeal. 

High-quality tents are characterized by their durability and ability to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring the comfort and safety of guests. The fabric should be robust, and resistant to tears and weather elements, while the frames must be sturdy, providing a secure and stable structure. The quality of a party tent also extends to its cleanliness and maintenance. A well-maintained tent speaks volumes about a company’s attention to detail and commitment to providing an impeccable experience.

Key Features to Look For

When assessing tents, several key features stand out as indicators of quality. The thickness and opacity of the tent fabric are essential for providing adequate shelter and creating the desired ambiance, whether it’s a sunlit afternoon or a starry evening. 

The strength and material of the poles and anchoring systems are crucial for stability, especially in outdoor settings prone to wind or uneven ground. Additionally, the design elements such as windows, doors, and ceiling height contribute to both the functionality and aesthetic of the tent. These features not only enhance the visual appeal but also ensure practical aspects like ventilation and ease of movement for guests.

Customized Planning Services

Customized planning services are the hallmark of a tent rental company that values client individuality and satisfaction. These services involve tailoring every aspect of the tent rental to suit specific themes, guest numbers, and venue peculiarities. 


Features of a tent rental company can range from selecting the tent style and size to fit the venue to designing unique layouts that accommodate dining areas, dance floors, and other functional spaces. It also includes the integration of decorative elements that resonate with the wedding’s aesthetic, such as lighting, drapery, and color schemes. Make sure that you have selected the right party tent rentals Rockland NY company for the best experience.

How To Decorate Party Tables?

It’s that time of the year again, when parties and get-togethers are at their all-time high, and one of the most crucial things about parties is the right décor. Well, if you’re decorating every single thing, then how can you forget about the tables? Here are some cool, classic, and amazing decorating ideas to make tables the center of attention. You may need input from tent rentals as well for amazing results.

Layer Tablecloths

If you don’t want to go for a single tablecloth, then layering one cloth on top of the other is going to add a wonderful element of texture to the entire party table. You can choose different tablecloths that complement each other and layer them either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to make your table look beautiful and eye-catching.

Decorate With Wreaths

Since December is right around the corner, it’s only fitting to mention a decoration idea with wreaths, but rest assured; this idea is extremely versatile and can be used for almost any occasion, festivity, or even a wedding. Something about the arrangement of wreaths gives the table a rustic yet alluring appearance and there’s not a lot that you need to do.

You can get a big wreath and wrap ribbons around it, according to your color scheme, to give it a pop of color and you can place it in the center of your table to complete the look.

Use Pinecones

Since fall is here, there is going to be an abundance of get-togethers and parties based on the theme of the falling of the leaves and the late chilly evenings. So, what better way to decorate your tables, than with pinecones and imitation leaves? These things combined are going to transform your table into a beautiful layout of fall and it’s going to be the showstopper of your party.

You can easily get pinecones and fake leaves from a craft store and you can also elevate the decoration further by sprinkling glitter all over the leaves and other props of fall and spreading them out randomly, and in clusters, all over the table.

Use Napkins & Utensils

Who says you need table props to make your party table look alluring? There are simple ways by which you can set your party table and still make it a statement. The easiest way to do so is to use napkins and utensils. If you can, try to look for cool ideas to wrap up the napkins and place them on the table with a specific arrangement of utensils, plates, etc.

You can also add a bit more lift to the table with beautiful menu cards and name cards, especially if the event you’re hosting is a big one and you need proper seating arrangements for the guests.

Incorporate Floral Arrangements

Nothing beats the natural and mesmerizing beauty of flowers. With different seasons, nature gives you beautiful flowers and you can use them to your advantage for your table décor.

You can get multiple vases and place huge clusters of flowers in them. Arranging the vases can seem pretty hard, but one easy way to do it is to place them at a specific distance apart from one another, either along the table or the diagonal.

Use Fresh Fruits

You might have seen fruit platters and bowls propped up on tables on certain occasions. Well, it’s not just there for easy access. Sometimes, the simple things in your house can double up as decorations for your table and in this case, fruits take the lead.

If you want to properly arrange the fruits, then instead of decorating the table with whole fruits, go the extra mile and cut and slice them up into thin and beautiful slices and arrange them beautifully on a large cutting board. This is going to give the eye a lot of different textures and colors and it’s going to look wonderful, to say the least.

Candles Are The Way To Go

If you’re looking for a classic way to decorate your tables while adding a softer element of light to them as well, then candles will not disappoint you at all. Candles are beautiful décor props and they’re multifunctional as well. There are different varieties of candles available and you can get your hands on almost all types of them.

You can go for tall candles and arrange them on a candelabra. You can also select tea light candles or electric candles if you’re apprehensive about open flames during a party. Make sure your party tents rental Northern VA is onboard with the idea of open flames and there are precautionary measures taken.

Go Monochromatic

Sometimes, less is more and this tip is going to help all of you minimalists out there. If you don’t want to fuss with a lot of decorations on the table and make it even more cluttered, then the easiest way to make your table look beautiful is to go for a single-color scheme.

A monochromatic decoration layout will not look flat at all and you’ll be surprised at the fact that how much a single color can add depth and dimension to your table and make it pop.

Beautiful Tablecloths

If you’re someone who fancies tablecloths and is willing to decorate your party tables with them, then you can scout the stores for beautiful tablecloths. There is a huge variety of tablecloths available and you can get just about any style, color, and pattern nowadays.

You can get laser-cut tablecloths that have cavities on them and that’s going to look beautiful. You can also go for tablecloths with gold and silver foiling and those are going to add an element of prestige and opulence to your table.

Wrap The Legs Up

When decorating tables for any type of party, it’s important that you don’t forget about the legs either. The legs of a table can be left undecorated, but you don’t want to do the same. You can use sheer fabric or even drape fabric to wrap it around the legs of the table in a spiral arrangement.

This is going to make the table look complete and you won’t have the ugly legs ruining the look of a beautifully decorated table. Try to choose a color of fabric that matches the theme or if you want to get fancy, then you can also use fairy lights to wrap around the legs of the table.

Use Different Materials

If you want to add a variety of textural elements to your table décor, then you need to incorporate different materials to heighten the appeal of the decorations. You can use wooden coasters, soft tablecloths, metal props, and even natural things like leaves and shrubs to make your table look like a dream.

All of these materials and textures combined, are going to put every other decoration to shame and you’ll always want to decorate your tables this way for every future party onwards.


Table décor is usually left for the end and a lot of people don’t bother with it at all, but it can set the scene for a beautiful party layout. So, the next time you want to add some decorations to your party table, then keep these ideas in mind. If you want perfect results, hire party rentals Frederick who will manage these things.

How To Hire A Caterer For Your Event

Food is a major part of any type of event and you want to nail it to reach perfection. Just as you need researched for hiring event tent rentals, you need some tips for hiring the perfect caterer for your event.

Have A Menu In Mind

Before you even decide to narrow down a caterer for your event, the first thing you need to do is to have a menu. Having a menu will make the caterer selection a lot easier, because you will have something to give to the caterer, about what kinds of foods you want, how the food needs to be prepared, any special preferences, etc.

If you have a menu for your event, then you can automatically choose the caterers who will be able to execute the food you have in mind.

What’s Your Budget?

Another very important thing to consider is your budget for the menu. Make sure that you have an allocated amount of money set aside as the budget for the menu and food. This is what your quote will be when you go to different caterers.

Make sure that the menu isn’t too elaborate or over-the-top because it will obviously cost more and will affect your overall event budget as well. Try to go for a reasonable budget and negotiate further with the caterer, once the deal is sealed. You will have a clearer plan of action once you have your budget set.

Always Ask For Taste Tests

This is also an important thing to ask when you’re looking for hiring caterers for your event. Always ask for a taste test and the chef’s name, when going for finalizing the food items on your menu.

A lot of the time, the chefs at the time of the tasting sampling and at the event can be completely different and the taste and quality might alter too, so you want to make sure that you’re getting the same chef for your event as the one in the sampling. Also, a sample taste test will also give you an idea about how the food tastes and whether is it good or not.

The History Of The Caterer

References are very important when it comes to caterers. But, besides the usual, you want to take it a step further and look at past events with these caterers, their pictures, how they set up the food, and such.

You want to see how they work and put small details on the food and if the presentation is up to your expectations or not. These things will give you a good idea about the work ethic of the caterer and if their promises of delivering perfection are any good or not.

Do They Have What You Need?

Another crucial thing to look for, when scouting out the perfect caterer for your event, is to make sure that they know what you want. It’s very important that you paint a visual image of what you want the presentation of food to look like, what kinds of foods you want, when they should start serving, etc.

These things are the make-or-break of catering services and you want to find the perfect one which ticks all of the boxes and gives you exactly what you’re looking for. This is why you should never settle for the first option and always keep looking for better options.

Always Meet In Person

Last but not least, you want to meet the catering company and staff in person. You might underestimate the power of in-person meetings, but with something like food, you don’t want to wing it.

Make it your goal to at least have two meetings, if not more, with your caterer, during the selection process as well. This is where you can ask all of the miscellaneous questions and let them know what you’re looking for. Caterers will also appreciate your effort and concern and they will strive to give you the best service.


There you have it! With these tips, people will be raving about the food in your event for days. If it’s food, then it has to be something exceptional, so you need to do a bit more homework before choosing the perfect candidate. Many event rentals Rockland NY provide catering services as well so check with yours.

6 Wedding Planning Tips No One Tells You

You might have heard all about the generic wedding planning tips from here and there, like not leaving anything for the last minute, being organized, booking tent rentals six months before the wedding day, and all that jazz, but here are some very useful tips, which no one ever tells you about.

Don’t Go For A Weekend Wedding

If you don’t want to give a hefty deposit for a venue, then it’s better not to go for a weekend wedding. While most of the time, that is what normally happens, you can save a lot more money if you have your wedding on a weekday. The rush hours won’t be crazy, the venue won’t be jam-packed, the rent won’t be that expensive and you will end up saving a lot of money.

Venues are the most extravagant thing on your wedding list and they cost a lot too, so you should always search for ways to cut the wedding cost as much as you can, without compromising the quality.

Defining Classic And Traditional

Classic is a diverse term. If you don’t convey your ideas perfectly to the wedding planner, then it might turn into a disaster of an event. The definition of classic and traditional is different for everyone, so it’s better to talk out things with your planner, vendors, and decorators about what you’re looking for at the end of the day.

This is going to save you from having a breakdown at your wedding, in case things don’t turn out the way you want them to.

A Simple Wedding Is No Joke Either

You might have heard this a lot: Plan a simple wedding, don’t fret too much about the details. Well, here is something that will shatter the illusion you have of a simple wedding. It takes just as much time, effort, and money to plan a so-called “simple” and “low-key” wedding. The details might not be there and the event might be simple at the end of the day, but it’s going to take just as much trial, research, and effort, if not more.

Don’t Let Opinions Get To You

Everyone has opinions and thoughts and while they are valid sometimes, you shouldn’t let them get to you. It’s your wedding day and you’re allowed to have all kinds of creative freedom when it comes to planning, how you want the wedding to go, etc.

It’s better to develop a thick skin and not let the opinions of other people hinder your big day. As long as you’re not overdoing anything and staying within budget, you are allowed to plan the perfect wedding for yourself. No one should come between you and the wedding planning.

Go For A Seasonal Menu

Here’s another tip that will save you money without compromising the quality of the food. If you are worried about your menu is too expensive, then it’s better to have a seasonal menu. It’s going to include all of the food which is in season.

Seasonal vegetables, fruits, and other products will cost you a lot less and they will be delicious nonetheless. You can also have refreshments catering to this theme. You will be surprised at how much better the food will be and you’re also saving some money on the side, by avoiding super elaborate foods like ceviche and caviar.

Do You Really Want An Outdoor Reception?

A lot of people dream of an outdoor wedding. While the ceremony can take place outdoors, it’s really not that cheap to have an outdoor reception. You have to think about accommodation, comfort and the arrangement of the guests.

If there is no arrangement for bathrooms, light, and ventilation in an outdoor space, then it’s going to cost you just as much, if not more, to have an outdoor wedding reception. So, before you commit to something like this, make sure to do your math and then decide if this is a good idea or not.


There you have it! With these tips, your wedding will be a breeze. And if you go choose vendors early and browse through different wedding rental packages Damascus MD, you might also end up saving a lot of money as well, which is always a huge plus.

Who Usually Pays For What In A Wedding

Gone are the days when the bride’s parents were burdened with all the expenses of the wedding, the food, the venue, and the arrangements. Times have changed and it’s up to the bride and groom and their families regarding who bears what expenses and how they split up charges of wedding tent rentals, florists, caterers, and other vendors. But still, there are certain traditions that have been followed for centuries till date concerning who traditionally covers which costs in a wedding. Let’s begin!

The Engagement Party

Traditionally the bride’s parents pay for the engagement party and everything. They do it to honor the groom and his family and to welcome them into their family. It is generally a token of happiness and love that they accept the groom as the future husband of their daughter.


The ceremony takes place in a church, synagogue, temple, mosque, or religious place of your respective religion. It is where you take vows to take your bride and groom and make testimony amongst the guests present.

Traditionally the bride’s side pays for the religious ceremony such as the church, while the groom’s side pays the priest, the marriage license and certificate, and the official fee.

Clothing And Jewelry

The bride’s family pays for the bridal gown while the groom’s side pays for the groom’s attire. The bride’s family also gives the bride her trousseau which includes her personal clothing, accessories, makeup, jewelry, perfumes and shoes, and honeymoon clothes. The matching dresses for the bridesmaids, their corsages, and bouquets are also arranged by the bride and her parents. The bride herself has to buy a wedding gift for her groom to be and the wedding ring of the groom is arranged by the bride’s family.

The groom and/or his family is responsible for the bride’s engagement ring and the wedding ring, the bouquet for the bride and the corsages for the mothers and grandmothers of both sides, and the boutonnieres for the men of both sides.

The Pre-Wedding Events

Of the most important is the rehearsal dinner, which is traditionally hosted by the groom’s family. It is not on a very large scale but almost half of the wedding guests and immediate families are invited. The bridal shower is another event that is hosted by the friends, family, and cousins of the bride for the bride. The bachelorette party is organized by the groom’s friends and family for the groom.


The invitations are done by both parties. Traditionally it’s the bride’s side who pays for all the invitations but mostly the groom’s side pays for their own invitations and the bride’s side pays for their side.


The bride’s family is responsible for the transportation of their guests from the ceremony to the reception place while the groom’s family is responsible for the transportation of their guests. However, people usually have their own transport until and unless it is a destination wedding where the bride and groom are solely responsible for the transportation.

The Wedding Reception

The food, arrangements, decor, floral decoration, venue, other professional services, photography, and video coverage of the wedding is usually paid for and organized by the bride and her family. However, sometimes the groom’s side pays for the floral arrangements and decor. The music or DJ is organized and paid for by the groom’s side along with the drinks.


The giveaways are organized and paid for by the bride and her family.

Honeymoon And After Wedding Expenses

After the wedding vows have taken place, the bride is now the responsibility of the husband. The honeymoon expenses are taken care of by the groom and his family. Also, the house in which they will live as husband and wife and all the other necessities required such as the furniture and equipment are all paid for by the groom and/or his family.


These are just rules traditionally followed by people and they are the part of the culture. However, it is up to the bride and groom and their families, how they wish to spend on what. Therefore, decide who is paying before buying stuff and hiring planners, decorators, and round table rentals Northern VA, so your wedding goes stress-free.

How To Hold A Product Success Party

After launching a product successfully in the market, you would definitely want to celebrate its positive outcome. If your product has been well received by both clients and the general public, you deserve to have a proper celebration and need the help of event planners and corporate tent rentals for making it a reality.

Here are a few things you have to do to organize a success party for your newly launched product.

Let people know what they are coming for

Please, let it not be a surprise party for people who’d be coming to join your party. Office parties are not meant to be surprise parties and it’d be stupid to experiment with the norm. When you are celebrating the success of a particular product, you should bring it to people’s knowledge beforehand. There should be no element of surprise, so to say.

Not everyone you invite to the party is likely to come. Someone is always going to have something more important to look after the same day. You need to make sure it isn’t someone who should certainly be there, someone whose absence can create a void. If you remain clear on why you are throwing this party, all the closely connected people will make a point to be there.

Keep talking about your product

Now that you know your product has been successfully launched and the general public is loving it, you might think of slowing down a bit but hold on, it isn’t a good idea. You should not let the enthusiasm vanish, you should continue talking about your product and try to reach people who haven’t heard of it before.

You oughtn’t to bump into simply everyone at the party and bore them with your typical salesman-like tone. You need to bring it up very cleverly in the midst of your conversations. Other than one-on-one conversations with people, you can draw their attention towards the product addressing them altogether. You can share what milestones this product of yours has achieved and why people need to give it a shot. You can have a presentation/speech prepared but mind you, it has to be delivered in a very informal tone because it’s not a conference or office meetup, it is a party.

Make some of your clients sing praises for it

You must invite at least some of the people who have bought it. Let them have a word or two with the people present there. Encourage them to share their experiences. This will automatically entice people into thinking of buying it and/or suggesting their acquaintances to give it a try. You need to understand how important first-hand experiences are. Most of the people might just be waiting to take it from the horse’s mouth.

If your company has social media presence, you can record all these experiences and share it with people worldwide. People who feel lazy to start reading reviews online might just like to listen to a bunch of people sharing their thoughts on the product and it must take less time and save them from the trouble of reading lengthy paragraphs.

Do not forget to acknowledge your team’s hard work

Yes, yes, yes!

Do not forget people behind this product. There’s nothing wrong about sharing success, you should not act like a miser at your product success party. Have a giant heart and shower praises upon people who rightly deserve it. Include everybody in your success, share the credit with them as it is certainly going to motivate them to do even better in the near future.

Do not forget to mention names. It is better to refer to them individually instead of hinting at a group of people calling them your aides or a team. Make them feel like they own it — this success is as much theirs as it is yours (Come on, they need to hear that). Remember, the happiest employees are the most hard working employees.

Worked hard? Now party harder

Also, do not stress out too much. You have had your hard days, now is your moment under the sun. Just enjoy every bit and do not forget to include all the people behind this success. That will be all. Yes, there are a couple of things that you and whoever the organizer of the event is needs to take care of, but do not be a bag of nerves. Just let your hair down and party. Do not be anxious about every little detail of the event and leave most of the work to the planner and event rentals Rockland NY. It has been good so far. It will be good in the future too.

Things that you should not do at your wedding

Well, we often get to hear about what we should do at a wedding. However, people rarely tell us what not to do. So, in this article, we are going to discuss all the things that you should not do at your own wedding. Though, you should certainly hire the best wedding party rentals, to begin with.

What not to do at your wedding?

Generally, most people behave nicely on the weddings. Moreover, people usually do not drink way too much on weddings to avoid causing any inconvenience. However, weird things do happen, and chances are that they will.

Do not put irresponsible people in-charge

Now it depends on the people around you. If they can control the situation properly, it will not escalate. For instance, let us say that a guest becomes too drunk and starts shouting weird things over his lungs. Now drunk people can be pretty violent and unpredictable. So, the wedding venue could easily turn into a battlefield.

But if the people around you are responsible enough, they will handle the situation intelligently and do not let it get worse.

So, never put irresponsible people in-charge of your wedding while you are busy in the ceremonies with your spouse.

Do not get drunk

The same rule also applies to you. If you end up getting too intoxicated, chances are that you would want to speak more and say the things that you should not. In specific, never even consider giving a drunk speech.

Trust us, a wedding venue would be the worst spot to give a drunk speech. You could actually ruin everything for your sober guests that way. Also, all the judgmental stares that you will get are just not worth it. So, avoid becoming too drunk at your own wedding.

You can certainly drink but keep yourself in your control and know that you cannot ruin your big day. Instead of being drunk, you should be enjoying your big day consciously. You certainly would not want to have faded memories of your own wedding later.

Don’t be late

Literally nobody is late to their own wedding ceremony. It gives off the bad impression that you do not care enough. Wedding should be your big day and hence, you should be excited about it. And when you are excited about being somewhere, you just cannot be late. This is the first and foremost rule.

So, try not to give your spouse and your guests a negative impression about yourself. Be on time, and be proactive on your wedding.

Bail out of a speech

If you are sure that you will be giving a wedding speech, then make sure that you have prepared it beforehand. The venue is not the place where you would want to freestyle a speech or just go along with the flow.

Also, do not just bail out of the speech at the last moment if you have already decided to give it. This gives off a bad impression. Since it is your wedding, just be very confident about it and take charge.


All the above-mentioned things are those that you should never do at your own wedding. So, make sure that you have taken note of them all, and will not be doing any of these.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can actually make your wedding very memorable. This is because the above-mentioned mistakes are pretty common on weddings, and they do tend to ruin the whole mood/environment.

Lastly, as a general advice, make sure that the venue of your wedding is properly set up and is comfortable for the guests. This is where the benefits of hiring the best wedding rental packages MD come in.

Choosing the best tents for your wedding

Whether your wedding party is a casual one or a formal one, a tent can offer some great feelings of festivity and unique air. This is the prime reason why people arrange theme weddings inside a tent. However, if you are planning to arrange a tent for your wedding, we suggest you to reach out to a wedding tent rentals company at least a month in advance. By booking a date beforehand, you will be able to ensure smooth operations on your wedding without any delays.

Since a tent offers a lot of versatility on weddings, it is highly appropriate for all types of wedding events. Furthermore, they can also be used for a range of other parties such as family barbecues or formal functions.

How to choose the right tent for your wedding?

So, in case you are planning to a good tent for your wedding, you must follow a certain tips. Now, if you are doing it for the first time, you may be very overwhelmed. This is because the things that you should consider are endless.

In case you are out of ideas for tents, refer to wedding tent ideas on websites such as Pinterest for more clarity.

However, in this article, we talk about the most common things. This way, you will be able to ensure a smooth wedding party.

These include:

Know the number of your guests

Literally the first thing that you should do in all weddings is to size down the number of guests. This is the first step because it will allow you to make other important decisions such as giving orders for the dinner, and deciding the venue.

Ultimately, your choice of venue will be impacted directly by the number of your wedding guests. Think yourself, if you have a huge number of wedding guests, then you will need a larger tent or multiple tents. Even if you are planner to have an indoor party, the venue must be big enough to hold the huge number of guests.

At the same time, if your guests are not more than 50, then a small tent would do and it will be enough to house everybody in.

Consider the surface

Tents are usually perfect over grass and or hard surfaces. However, if the surface where you are planning to arrange a wedding party is rocky or uneven, then tents are not the best option. In fact, we do not even suggest you to arrange a wedding party on a rocky surface. This is because a big number of women are likely to show up in heels. Walking on a rocket surface with heels would be no less than a disaster for them.

About the location

Ultimately, the location of your wedding party also affects your decision of tent. For instance, if it is a beach party, then a tent is highly suitable. However, if you are arranging a party on the hill top, then it is better if you avoid the tents so that everyone can enjoy the sky above. These are just some little considerations that you need to make to ensure that your wedding party looks great.

Ending note

Usually during the wedding season, party and tent rentals Rockland NY companies tend to be very busy. Many of them get booked out in advance. So, make sure that you are also booking them at least a month in advance in order to avoid problems later on. As your wedding date comes nearer, everything should already be in place. This will prevent stress later on when the time is right. So, make sure that all such preparations are done beforehand. In this regard, do not hesitate to get help from your friends and family.