What To Know About Hair Smoothening

If you have unruly frizzy hair, then a hair smoothening treatment from a hair straightening salon will be your best friend. Here is everything you need to know about it and if it’s perfect for you or not.

Hair Smoothening – What Is It?

Hair smoothening is more like a general term and it is also known as Brazilian blowout or cysteine treatment, depending on the salon you go to and what this treatment does to your hair. It makes the hair smooth, shiny, and free from frizz.

If you have frizzy and slightly curly hair and you want to tame it, then you can definitely go for a hair smoothening treatment. It is different from normal keratin or protein treatments, because of the treatment concoction that is applied to your hair and the longevity of the overall treatment.

Hair smoothening can last anywhere from 2 to 6 months, and it is termed as a temporary way of hair straightening or smoothening. Whereas, keratin treatment lasts a lot longer and also can be classified as somewhat of a semi-permanent hair straightening technique. So, if you’re not digging the straight and smooth look, hair smoothening can be easily reversed and you can go back to your normal textured hair if that’s what you prefer.

Furthermore, hair smoothening doesn’t make your hair brittle or cause extreme damage, so hair health is pretty good even after getting this treatment. It also promotes healthy hair growth and your hair does look a lot stronger and healthier, which is a great thing.

Hair Smoothening Process

Here is a step-by-step guide as hoe hair smoothening is done on your hair:

  • Firstly, you want your hair to be completely clean. If there is any sort of product in your hair, then the treatment will not have the same results. This is why, if you haven’t already washed your hair, the stylist will do it for you. Your scalp is the main focus when washing the hair because you want it to be free from sebum, product buildup, and unwanted grease.
  • After your hair has been shampooed and conditioned, it is dried with a blow dryer and divided into multiple sections. It’s important that you have dry hair for the coming step because now is the time for the application of the smoothening cream or treatment.
  • A cysteine or smoothening treatment is applied to your hair, making sure that the treatment is not touching the roots. Since there are some harsh chemicals in it, you don’t want the roots to be exposed to these chemicals. The treatment is allowed to sit in the length of your hair for 30 to 40 minutes and then it is washed off and the hair is blow dried again.
  • Afterward, a flat iron is run through your hair to seal the deal. Then, a conditioning treatment is applied to nourish and protect the hair, and is washed off after 20 to 30 minutes. The hair is dried one last time and styled accordingly and you are good to go.

Pros And Cons Of Hair Smoothening

Here are some good and not-so-good things about a hair smoothening treatment.

  • It is temporary which can be a good or bad thing, depending on what you want. If you want something permanent and don’t want to change it, then this might not be the treatment for you, but if you like changing things around, then give it a go.
  • It is not good for extremely thick curly hair, because the treatment will not be able to break the protein in the frizz and the results won’t be the same.
  • It’s not a damaging treatment. It keeps the hair looking shiny and full of life and it gives the hair a healthy look.
  • The treatment does contain formaldehyde, which can be irritating for some people as they have sensitive scalps.
  • It gives the hair a natural, healthy, and subtle look.


There you have it! All hair treatments are different and cater to different needs and types of hair. If your hair falls in the category of hair smoothening, then you can give it a try. Only go to expert hairstylists of a Brazilian keratin salon Bethesda to avoid hair damage and get straight hair.

Signs of aging hair extensions

Will your hair extensions become thicker after washing them? This is one of the things that ladies ask most frequently before getting hair extensions. In contrast hand, the answer to this query is not that straightforward. Depending on your particular scenario, a hair salon can give you the best advice.

You should bear in mind a few standard guidelines when using hair extensions. The type of extensions determines whether they will thicken. Some extensions thin down when they are in contact with water. The extension absorbs more water as it becomes thicker, giving the impression that it is more voluminous. Some hair extensions look thicker after being washed.

Hair extensions’ aging processes

By reading this article, which seeks to fully address this question, you can have a deeper understanding of the problem.

Variations in curling

The way your hair extensions are curled often determines whether they will become thinner or longer after washing. For instance, the connections will get thicker if your hair is curly. On the other side, straight hair extensions won’t become much thicker.


The kind of fiber utilized to produce the hair extension has an impact on its final texture as well. For instance, human hair extensions can get thicker with time. Your scalp’s sebum and oils are to fault for this. After all, a single piece of hair has three strands.

Extensions from this company

Like other hair care products, hair extensions are made by a number of companies. The quality of each set of hair extensions varies as a result. Your extensions will have a varied appearance depending on where you get them and the brand.

For instance, hair extensions from a reputed salon are less prone to thin out. Poor-quality extension hair, on the other hand, typically starts to weaken or lose its shine after just a few washings. The hair consequently seems fragile and unruly.

They ay absorb oil and moisture. As a result, the hair strands stay shiny and the hair fiber is maintained wet.


Hair extensions require the same maintenance as other items. There isn’t much of a distinction between long, medium-length, and short hair. Hair extensions could have an influence in terms of appearance. If you want them to last a long time, you must take care of them.

Use extra caution when washing or detangling your hair, for instance, to prevent harming your hair. After adding hair extensions, be mindful to just wash your hair occasionally. On the other hand, if you wear clip-in extensions, they should be washed at least once every month.

Like genuine hair, stitched hair extensions can be washed. On the other hand, excessive washing might harm the fibers of the hair extensions.

Finally, it’s important to make the right purchases as well. In the long run, purchasing hair extensions from a reputable supplier will save money and time. Generally, you are better off getting help from high-end salons that employ expert hairstylists. Otherwise, you will not get the results that you are looking for and your hair extensions may not last long.


Over time, your hair pieces may get thinner or thicker. It matters a lot what hair extensions you employ and how you take care of them. The tendency for extensions to begin to wane after a few months is typically a huge no. You are fine to go as you keep in mind the advice we provided in this post.

You could convey your concerns to the hair extensions salon there and ask for further details. The best people to ask for advice on how to take care of your extensions are experts.

How Do I Make My Hair Less Poofy

Every woman wants sleek and straight hair, which is why most women go to keratin treatment salons. But have you ever let your hair air dry after a shower and noticed that it gets poofy right as it starts to dry. Here is how to combat just that.

Use A Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are the best if you want to maintain the tamed look in your hair. Try to get one that is good for dry hair and apply it to your wet hair as soon as you step out of the shower.

A leave-in conditioner will do wonders for your hair and you will instantly see that there is no frizz and puffiness in your hair. Invest in a good quality hair conditioner too when you are looking at different shampoos and conditioners, you will see the difference immediately.

Don’t Rub Your Hair With A Towel

This is a tip that cannot be stressed enough. Don’t ever rub or wring your hair with a towel, especially when it’s wet. Wet hair is very dry and it also attracts a lot of friction from the towel.

Friction is a huge culprit for frizzy and poofy hair. You don’t want to make the hair more static and charged with a towel if you are already facing issues with frizz and puffiness. Try to gently pat the hair and get rid of the water by squeezing the length of the hair with your hands, not with a towel.

Oil Your Hair

Oiling your hair for beautiful and smooth hair has been around for centuries. It is a very good remedy for frizzy hair and it will help with keeping your hair tame after it has been dried too. Use a thick oil if you have very dry hair and massage the product in your scalp and focus a lot on your temples and where there is dryness.

Use the leftover oil on your hands and run it through your ends. You don’t want your ends to be drenched in oil. Just a little bit is enough. Some of the best oils you can use for your hair are olive oil, argan oil, avocado oil, mustard oil, etc.

Don’t Use Too Much Heat

Heat also increases puffiness and frizz. You don’t want to blow dry your hair whenever it is wet. Let the hair dry naturally through the air and make sure that you keep the hair tools at bay if you don’t want the hair to get poofy and dry. Use heat on very special occasions and not on a daily basis. You will see how healthy the hair will be and you will see a significant difference in the frizz and puffiness of your hair. Your hair will be tamed and straight all day long.

Use Products For Dry Hair

This tip is also very important. If you want your hair to be poof free, then you need to search for products that are suitable for your hair type. You don’t want to use products that are not meant for your hair in the first place.

Puffiness and frizz is the direct sign of having dry and damaged hair, so try to scout the market for products that cater to dry and damaged hair. You will see the difference immediately and you will see that the puffiness has gone down significantly.

Use A Detangling Brush

When your hair is dry, it’s best not to brush it at all. But if you must, then try to use a wide-toothed comb or a special detangling brush rather than a plastic bristle paddle brush. A paddle brush will break your hair and, again, produce friction, which will give rise to puffiness and frizz. Try to use a wooden comb with wide teeth or a wide detangling brush. This will detangle your hair and will not break it either. You will see that your hair will also look more shiny and the frizz will be almost insignificant.


There you have it! Now you won’t have to deal with poofy hair anymore. You can get sleek and tamed hair with these easy tips and tricks. If you want to prevent it permanently, visit a Japanese hair straightening salon Bethesda.

Should I Get Babylights Or Balayage

Just research the types of hair highlights, and you’ll introduce yourself to a world of hair color and highlights. But are you confused about getting yourself the best hair yet?

The two most unique, casual-looking, and beautiful highlights are Balayage and Babylights. You can get either of them based on your choice and hair type. Here’s how you can decide which one of the hair highlights technique will suit you the most.


Balayage is the kind of hair highlighting technique where your hair strands are painted freehand. Also, Balayage doesn’t start from the crown. Instead, it begins mid-shaft and then gets denser at the tips. So, when the highlights don’t have some discrete boundaries from the base color, as in typical highlights, it gives a natural, sun-kissed effect.

Usually, for Balayage, the color that is a few shades lighter than your base color is used. And what best you’ll find in it is the “ease of maintenance.” So, if you don’t want to touch up balayage hair, you can enjoy the beautiful changing shades of your hair as the new roots grow.

What Is The Coloring Technique In Balayage?

The name Balayage suggests the technique used in this process. Balayage means “to sweep” or “to paint.” And this is precisely what your hair colorist will do in Balayage.

There’s no use of aluminum foils in this technique. Instead, your hair colorist will apply the color freehand on the surface of your hair strands. The aim is to start with softer tones and ends with a brighter shade at the end of your hair.

Depending on your hair dimension and your face shape, a hairstylist will use different tools, including:

  • Brushes
  • Sponges
  • Palettes

All in all, Balayage gives you a natural, sun-kissed effect, as if you’ve just come from your summer vacation at the beach.

Things That Differentiate Balayage

The main difference that differentiates Balayage from the traditional highlights is the application technique on surface hair only. It gives your hair a softer and natural look. Also, the color change in Balayage when your hair grows is smooth and unnoticeable. So, it is easy to maintain.

There’s a cost difference as well that varies depending on your hair type, length, and also your hairstylist.

Balayage makes your hair dry. Therefore, you need to properly take care of your hair after the treatment, especially with deep conditioning.


Depending on the thickness, length, and type of your hair, there are many hair highlighting techniques that you can choose from. Babylights is one of them when you want subtle, dimensional hair. In this technique, lighter shades are used to give your hair a sun-kissed effect that usually children have. Also, you can have Babylights for any hair color, any hair type, and in any shade.

Moreover, this technique can either be used alone or with some other hair coloring skills to tone down the dramatic effects.

What Is The Coloring Technique In Babylights?

In Babylights, lighter tones are applied around your hairline, freehand. And as compared to typical highlights, your hairstylist will take very fine sections of your hair and then use color over them. The process can take more than an hour.

Babylights blends beautifully with your base color, as there’s quite fine bordering between your Babylights and the base color. And then eventually, Babylights give a multi-tonal effect to your hair.

Things That Differentiate Babylights

Babylights is a low-maintenance technique. The change of shades is quite subtle when new hair grows. And if you want a re-touch, then it depends upon the type of your Babylights. For a full head, you need a touch-up after every eight weeks. And for the random highlights, you need to get a retouch after every 12-14 weeks.

Even though Babylights add a beautiful transition to your hair. But you need to keep in mind that these can be expensive as compared to simple highlights. Well, that’s because you take very fine, small strands of hair to paint, so it takes time. So, your stylist will probably charge according to the time and services given.


Coloring and specifically highlighting take time and skills. So, it should better be left to professionals of a balayage hair salon Rockville for the best results.

Should you get keratin treatment?

Are you planning to rush to a keratin treatment salon soon? Once you reach the salon, you will notice that many women are willing to get this treatment done. And this is due to the fact that keratin treatments are highly effective and one of the most popular treatments used for hair straightening.

Given the fact that our nails, hair, and skin are made of keratin, this treatment is quite effective for the hair. Keratin is a tough form of protein that also forms horns, feathers, and claws of birds/animals.

Your hairs are bound to have a lot of benefits from a keratin treatment. After all, they are made up of this very protein. So, overall, the keratin treatment can improve the entire look and feel of the human hair.

Overall, it provides a number of advantages in comparison with other hair straightening treatment. To help you figure out whether the keratin treatment is suitable for you or not, we have put together a number of benefits in this article.

Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatment

Are you ready to get a keratin treatment? Well, getting this treatment might be one of your best decisions ever. But make sure that you are only choosing the highest quality salon out there. Otherwise, you would be wasting your money. And that would result in nothing but regrets.

When a keratin treatment is done in the right way, it has many benefits. These include:

Adding strength to your hair

One of the biggest advantages of the keratin treatment is that it adds a lot of strength to your hair. So, your hair that may otherwise look very dry and dead, will suddenly come to life after a keratin treatment. This treatment will also increase the elasticity of your hair, making it less prone to breakage.

It makes sense, considering the fact that the hair is literally made of keratin, which is the protein that is being used in this treatment. Of course, this is done from an artificial means with the help of a chemicalbased formula. But the underlying concept is the same. You are feeding keratin to your dead hair, in order to make it alive.

Removal of frizz

Frizzy hair does not look good at all. They can ruin your entire look and make it difficult for you to manage your hair. According to many studies, use of keratin treatments can give you shinier and smoother hair. This is because the frizz is removed, and hence, the hair becomes easier to style after the treatment.

So, if you want frizz-free and straight hair, then keratin treatment may be the best option for you.

Seals the color

Another notable quality of the keratin treatment is that it helps you seal that hair color in permanently. This is one of the things that many women struggle with. So, after the keratin treatment, factors such as sunlight will not be fading your color away. This is because the added layer of keratin on your hair will provide you the necessary level of protection from such external factors.

Repairs the hair

Lastly, dry and damaged hair are prone to a lot of breakage. This is where keratin treatment jumps to help you out. It can not only repair the hairs but can also add a lot of life to it. Along with that, this treatment can also replenish your hair in more than one way.

The only thing that you should be worried about, is the fact that not all salons are reliable enough. So, always get the treatment from high-end hair straightening salons Rockville for the best quality.

Top reasons to get keratin treatment

Why would you want to get unknown treatments to get rid of your frizzy and untamed hair? Especially when you have a wonderful solution at hand. This solution is known as keratin treatment and for that, we suggest you take help from the best keratin treatment salon only.

The best thing about keratin treatment is that it is not just proven to be safe for hair and sin, but it is also very effective. However, you still might be curious about what the different ingredients in keratin treatment are.

If you want to get amazing results and straight/sleek hair, then keratin treatment is the best choice for you. It is quite convenient, and not too expensive either.

Main reason to get keratin treatment

So without wasting any time, let us get into it and see the main reasons why you should get keratin treatment.

Keratin repairs hair damage

One of the most notable qualities of keratin is that it repairs the damage done to your hair. This damage could be due to the chemicals that you have been using in hair coloring. Often at times, chemical treatments such as ammonia processing also causes significant damage to the hair.

And keratin treatment can repair all this damage, tame your hair, reduce split ends, and reduce the fizziness in your hair at the same time. This is the main reason why a big number of people prefer to get keratin treatment.

It has many advantages

Even if your hair is critically damaged, keratin treatment can do wonders for you. Eventually, it adds smoothness and a glow in your hair that you cannot find in other treatments.

In case you have frizzy or wavy hair and you want to get them straight, then keratin treatment is your best option.

Different types of treatments

Within the keratin treatments category, you can further find a range of different treatments. Though in general, you can find two types of straightening treatments in salons. These include the express blow-out and the natural keratin treatment.

If we compare both of these treatments, then the express blow-out gives a higher durability. Moreover, it may also take more time in the salon as compared to the natural keratin treatment. And so naturally, its price is also going to be slightly higher.

However, overall, both of these treatments are amazing and hence, you should consider getting one of these if you want to get thicker hair.

Easy to maintain

Perhaps the best thing about keratin treatment is that it is quite easy to maintain. In other words, you will not have to worry about your hair returning to their original texture. Unless you do not mistreat your hair with chemicals again, the results will remain from 6 to 8 months.

However, you will definitely have to take some small precautions. For instance, it is not advised to wash your hair within 24 hours of the treatment.

Typically, a hair stylist will suggest you wait for at least 48 hours before washing your hair after the treatment. This gives the keratin time to seep deep into your hair strand, strengthening them from within.


After reading all the reasons mentioned above, chances are that you are already considering getting keratin treatment at a hair salon. If yes, then start looking today.

There are very few hair salons that truly know this art. And hence, you must check enough reviews before choosing salon for Brazilian Keratin Straightening Rockville or simple keratin straightening. Both of these techniques are similar, and a hair stylist will be able to guide you the best about which one is better for you.