6 Wedding Planning Tips No One Tells You

You might have heard all about the generic wedding planning tips from here and there, like not leaving anything for the last minute, being organized, booking tent rentals six months before the wedding day, and all that jazz, but here are some very useful tips, which no one ever tells you about.

Don’t Go For A Weekend Wedding

If you don’t want to give a hefty deposit for a venue, then it’s better not to go for a weekend wedding. While most of the time, that is what normally happens, you can save a lot more money if you have your wedding on a weekday. The rush hours won’t be crazy, the venue won’t be jam-packed, the rent won’t be that expensive and you will end up saving a lot of money.

Venues are the most extravagant thing on your wedding list and they cost a lot too, so you should always search for ways to cut the wedding cost as much as you can, without compromising the quality.

Defining Classic And Traditional

Classic is a diverse term. If you don’t convey your ideas perfectly to the wedding planner, then it might turn into a disaster of an event. The definition of classic and traditional is different for everyone, so it’s better to talk out things with your planner, vendors, and decorators about what you’re looking for at the end of the day.

This is going to save you from having a breakdown at your wedding, in case things don’t turn out the way you want them to.

A Simple Wedding Is No Joke Either

You might have heard this a lot: Plan a simple wedding, don’t fret too much about the details. Well, here is something that will shatter the illusion you have of a simple wedding. It takes just as much time, effort, and money to plan a so-called “simple” and “low-key” wedding. The details might not be there and the event might be simple at the end of the day, but it’s going to take just as much trial, research, and effort, if not more.

Don’t Let Opinions Get To You

Everyone has opinions and thoughts and while they are valid sometimes, you shouldn’t let them get to you. It’s your wedding day and you’re allowed to have all kinds of creative freedom when it comes to planning, how you want the wedding to go, etc.

It’s better to develop a thick skin and not let the opinions of other people hinder your big day. As long as you’re not overdoing anything and staying within budget, you are allowed to plan the perfect wedding for yourself. No one should come between you and the wedding planning.

Go For A Seasonal Menu

Here’s another tip that will save you money without compromising the quality of the food. If you are worried about your menu is too expensive, then it’s better to have a seasonal menu. It’s going to include all of the food which is in season.

Seasonal vegetables, fruits, and other products will cost you a lot less and they will be delicious nonetheless. You can also have refreshments catering to this theme. You will be surprised at how much better the food will be and you’re also saving some money on the side, by avoiding super elaborate foods like ceviche and caviar.

Do You Really Want An Outdoor Reception?

A lot of people dream of an outdoor wedding. While the ceremony can take place outdoors, it’s really not that cheap to have an outdoor reception. You have to think about accommodation, comfort and the arrangement of the guests.

If there is no arrangement for bathrooms, light, and ventilation in an outdoor space, then it’s going to cost you just as much, if not more, to have an outdoor wedding reception. So, before you commit to something like this, make sure to do your math and then decide if this is a good idea or not.


There you have it! With these tips, your wedding will be a breeze. And if you go choose vendors early and browse through different wedding rental packages Damascus MD, you might also end up saving a lot of money as well, which is always a huge plus.