Who Usually Pays For What In A Wedding

Gone are the days when the bride’s parents were burdened with all the expenses of the wedding, the food, the venue, and the arrangements. Times have changed and it’s up to the bride and groom and their families regarding who bears what expenses and how they split up charges of wedding tent rentals, florists, caterers, and other vendors. But still, there are certain traditions that have been followed for centuries till date concerning who traditionally covers which costs in a wedding. Let’s begin!

The Engagement Party

Traditionally the bride’s parents pay for the engagement party and everything. They do it to honor the groom and his family and to welcome them into their family. It is generally a token of happiness and love that they accept the groom as the future husband of their daughter.


The ceremony takes place in a church, synagogue, temple, mosque, or religious place of your respective religion. It is where you take vows to take your bride and groom and make testimony amongst the guests present.

Traditionally the bride’s side pays for the religious ceremony such as the church, while the groom’s side pays the priest, the marriage license and certificate, and the official fee.

Clothing And Jewelry

The bride’s family pays for the bridal gown while the groom’s side pays for the groom’s attire. The bride’s family also gives the bride her trousseau which includes her personal clothing, accessories, makeup, jewelry, perfumes and shoes, and honeymoon clothes. The matching dresses for the bridesmaids, their corsages, and bouquets are also arranged by the bride and her parents. The bride herself has to buy a wedding gift for her groom to be and the wedding ring of the groom is arranged by the bride’s family.

The groom and/or his family is responsible for the bride’s engagement ring and the wedding ring, the bouquet for the bride and the corsages for the mothers and grandmothers of both sides, and the boutonnieres for the men of both sides.

The Pre-Wedding Events

Of the most important is the rehearsal dinner, which is traditionally hosted by the groom’s family. It is not on a very large scale but almost half of the wedding guests and immediate families are invited. The bridal shower is another event that is hosted by the friends, family, and cousins of the bride for the bride. The bachelorette party is organized by the groom’s friends and family for the groom.


The invitations are done by both parties. Traditionally it’s the bride’s side who pays for all the invitations but mostly the groom’s side pays for their own invitations and the bride’s side pays for their side.


The bride’s family is responsible for the transportation of their guests from the ceremony to the reception place while the groom’s family is responsible for the transportation of their guests. However, people usually have their own transport until and unless it is a destination wedding where the bride and groom are solely responsible for the transportation.

The Wedding Reception

The food, arrangements, decor, floral decoration, venue, other professional services, photography, and video coverage of the wedding is usually paid for and organized by the bride and her family. However, sometimes the groom’s side pays for the floral arrangements and decor. The music or DJ is organized and paid for by the groom’s side along with the drinks.


The giveaways are organized and paid for by the bride and her family.

Honeymoon And After Wedding Expenses

After the wedding vows have taken place, the bride is now the responsibility of the husband. The honeymoon expenses are taken care of by the groom and his family. Also, the house in which they will live as husband and wife and all the other necessities required such as the furniture and equipment are all paid for by the groom and/or his family.


These are just rules traditionally followed by people and they are the part of the culture. However, it is up to the bride and groom and their families, how they wish to spend on what. Therefore, decide who is paying before buying stuff and hiring planners, decorators, and round table rentals Northern VA, so your wedding goes stress-free.