How To Negotiate Tree Removal Costs And Save Money?

Tree removal can be costly. If you have multiple trees surrounding your house, it could eat up a chunk of your savings. Plus, the total cost of the removal process is also based on the size and type of trees. The harder it is to remove the tree, the more the costs. However, if you are smart and know where to cut costs, you will be able to get things done more efficiently. We will share some important information regarding negotiating with tree removal services.

How Much Tree Removal Normally Cost?

Tree removal cost is based on various factors. As mentioned earlier, size and type are one thing but location and area are another. Regardless of the size of the tree, the tree cutting process takes time and is always risky. This is especially the case with bigger trees. Trees that have been around for decades will have their roots spread deep inside the earth.

That said, removing such trees might require an entire team of experts. This shows that the total cost of tree removal is not fixed. It will vary based on the circumstances and the number of labor hours required. If the tree removal service finds it relatively easy and quick to remove the tree, the price will be cheaper.

Plus, the tree removal charges may also differ based on the state. Normally, trees up to 15 ft can cost between $335-$580 if they are either located in the front or backyard. Meanwhile, trees between 25-50 ft. can cost $2,700-$12,500 if there are multiple trees in the surrounding area.

Why Is Tree Removal Expensive?

The reason tree removal companies are usually expensive is due to the massive overheads and running costs involved. It takes a minimum of three experts to handle a tree regardless of the tree’s size and type. Furthermore, tree removal equipment is not cheap either. Most companies tend to spend a lot of money on buying and maintaining their equipment.

Plus, the climber and ground crew are also paid a good salary as the job involves a lot of risks. In addition to that, the insurance for tree services contributes significantly to the overall costs as well. One thing to keep in mind is that not everyone can become a tree removal expert.

People who specialize in such tasks undergo strenuous training and possess skills that raise their value. With time, these people turn into experts who can deal with any tree-related situation.

However, there are also some amateurs eager to offer their services. You might be tempted to opt for their services considering cheaper prices but not without compromising your property’s safety. There have been many accidents in the past where homeowners opted for cheap services leading to trees falling and causing expensive damages.

When Is The Best Time For Tree Removal With Respect To The Cost?

If you have multiple trees in your front or backyard that need to be taken care of, the first thing you are going to do is wait for the cheapest time of the year. During peak times, tree removal services are busy and raise the prices as the demand is high. However, if you were to wait a while, you might be able to save huge costs when the workload is relatively less.

That said, winter is usually the cheapest time of the year for tree removal. This is because the majority of the trees are already going to shed their leaves and nature will do most of the job, the experts have to do otherwise. This also saves time for the experts as there is less risk and all they need to do is cut some branches or trim at most.

Keep in mind that if your tree is damaged, leaning, or infected, you must never wait for the cheapest time of the year and consult emergency tree services Potomac as soon as possible. A damaged tree is a hazard for you, your family, your neighbors, and the property surrounding it.

How To Negotiate Tree Removal Costs?

Now that you are aware of why tree removal services are expensive and the cheapest time to remove the trees, it is time for you to learn the skill of negotiating tree removal services. The most important factor you need to keep in mind here is that you are always going to choose an expert even if the overall process is expensive.

Most homeowners believe that part of saving costs is choosing amateurs for the task. This might save you money but it puts the entire tree removal process at risk. Apart from saving money from hiring cheap services, there are also other ways for you to save your pocket.

Keep Logs As Firewood

If you are removing a large tree, there is a chance that it will leave you with a lot of timber that can be used for the fireplace. If you do not have a fireplace, you can cut the logs down into pieces and list them on sites where people buy and sell wooden logs.

This is the most effective way for you to both sell and get rid of the tree without spending any money. People who purchase the logs will carry them away at their own expense. If you live in a cold region, you can use the logs to keep the house warm and save electricity as well.

Then again, opt for the winter season and get multiple quotes from tree removal services. Even if the trees are relatively small and multiple, the tree removal service will be happy to give you a good deal.

Use Small Local Companies

Smaller companies when compared to larger companies tend to charge less due to fewer overheads and running costs associated with tree removal services. But, this is not a guarantee. If you are planning to buy services from a small company during the peak time, the prices are going to be higher.

Additionally, if the team is experienced and carries all the certifications, the prices are going to be then again, higher. At the same time, small or medium-sized trees can be removed using hand tools and do not necessarily require climbing and machine tools.

Maintain The Trees

Perhaps the best way to save money on tree removal services is by maintaining the trees. In most cases, homeowners tend to wait until the tree grows and reaches a height where it becomes unmanageable. This practice is not suggested by arborists. You should make sure to maintain the trees by pruning and trimming them regularly.

The branches should not extend or grow to the point where they are about to contact the house or your neighbor’s property. This keeps the trees under control and prevents any serious damage during extreme weather conditions as well.


Negotiating tree removal is all about choosing the right time and the right tree cutting services Bethesda. Plus, you should maintain the trees on your own as well. If you are someone who loves having greenery, there is no harm in hiring services that look after the trees. This way, you will be able to both maintain the trees and save expensive costs should there be a need to remove a tree or trees.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Tree Removal

Trees give your house a natural aesthetic appeal, contribute greatly to the environment, have relaxing powers for your soul and also provide a shade to your house and for your children to play. So why remove a tree by hiring tree removal companies?

  1. Because it has become dead and is leaning to one side and posing a threat to the surrounding landscape, property and people.
  2. The roots of the trees are causing sewerage blockages or are interfering with the structure of your house.
  3. The trees are touching the electrical lines and wires and it can get dangerous.
  4. Maintenance has become impossible due to ample lawn debris.
  5. The tree branches are disturbing the neighbors.

Due to these reasons you think of cutting down your tree. After all, how difficult is it to cut down a tree? You will just need some tools and cut the tree and let it fall, easy right?

WRONG!!!! You should never attempt DIY tree cutting no matter what the problem is. Always call in the experts for tree removal. Tree removal is considered one of the most unsafe jobs in the world and do you know why? Read below to find out.


You may have heard the theory that once something begins to fall there is no looking back. Same is the case with the tree. Once it begins to fall, you cannot stop it. Tree experts will make proper calculations and make a plan as to what angle the tree should be cut and where it will fall. But with a layman the fall can be miscalculated. It is cut at one angle and it falls on the other side where there is your house or a neighbor’s house.

The insurance will not even cover the costs. You cannot possibly judge the fall and you should leave it to the experts. The tree may also hit the power line and chances are you may get an electric shock or the whole neighborhood experiences power blackout.

Unsafe Equipment

Tree removal is not an easy task and requires the use of tons of tools of which the most important and dangerous is the chainsaw. The chainsaw is heavy and also can get out of hand for a person who is using it for the first time.

Tree removal professionals are capable of handling these tools as they are experienced and taught in this field. The chainsaw can get out of hand or the chain may get loosened and it may fall on someone or something or you may get badly injured during the process. You would also need other equipment such as ropes and crane and without these you are exposing yourself to a greater risk.

Decaying Tree or Trunk

Sometimes a tree becomes so decayed that it may fall anytime without warning causing a loss of property and lives. Tree removal experts will only understand the tree biology as when a tree has become completely decayed or is dead. Removal of a dead or decaying tree should be done as soon as possible. A decaying and dead tree becomes very weak and unstable and professional services are required for it. They may also arrange a crane to sustain the fall of a tree. So, a decaying tree should never be removed by yourself but the help of experts should be taken.


When you are going for DIY tree removal you will obviously be working from a height. You may get unstable and fall from the height in the process. The tree removal initially requires cutting of the branches and leaves and then cutting the tree. You will need to take the equipment along with you to cut the branches and can mistakenly fall and hurt yourself badly.

If you leave the branches, leaves and other debris hanging on the tree, then these branches will hurt the surrounding property and people while falling as the branches will spread haphazardly and destroy the landscape in the process. Tree cutting services Maryland are equipped with all the specialized tools and they have the expertise of handling a tree, its branches and sustaining its fall without causing any harm to the surrounding properties and people, hence the work should be left to tree services.