What Is The Best Countertop Color For Dark Cabinets

Countertop color selection can be a difficult task, especially when you have so much to choose from. Whether you’re choosing marble, granite, or quartz kitchen countertops, here is everything you need to know about matching the right countertop color with darker-colored cabinets.

Go With Contrast

The easiest and most foolproof way to match darker-colored cabinets with countertops is to go for a lighter-colored variant in countertops. This is going to give a great contrast and it will not be a hassle to match the colors, since light and dark go perfectly together. If you have black cabinets, then you can go for white countertops.

Similarly, if you have dark brown or ebony cabinets, then a lighter brown or taupe color on countertops will go amazing. Keep in mind the warmth and coolness of the colors as they will match and complement each other beautifully.

Why Not Dark Countertops?

If you really want to go bold with the color choice of countertops, then you can go for darker-colored countertops. There is nothing wrong with dark-on-dark color combinations, as long as you do everything in moderation.

If you’re going to have dark-colored cabinets and countertops, then it can make your kitchen look small and dark, so you want to compensate for that by introducing some light interior design in the rest of your kitchen. For example, going for a lighter-colored fridge, appliances, kitchen island, etc. will balance and mellow out the whole look of the kitchen perfectly.

Play With Patterns

If you don’t have any idea as to which color to go for with darker-colored countertops, then you can definitely play with patterns. Countertop materials like granite and quartz have beautiful veining on them, which is a perfect blend of light and dark colors, so it looks extremely beautiful against the darker-colored cabinets.

It’s not as harsh as darker-colored countertops and the color selection for veined countertops is also diverse, so you can choose from any color which looks good against the cabinets. It all depends on your personal preference.

Neutrals Are The Way To Go

If you don’t want to go for a stark contrast of black and white, then you can swap out the white color for neutrals. Neutral colors are very muted and have a warm undertone, so they look extremely cozy and welcoming in a kitchen.

They will also mellow out the harshness of the darker-colored cabinets and the whole contrast will look beautiful. As far as neutral colors go, you can go for light grays, taupe, ash colors, a variety of light browns, and more. Try to go for warmer colors if your kitchen is highly illuminated with natural light. The balance will be perfect.

Check The Undertones

The art of figuring out undertones and finding matching colors that way can be hard, but once you nail it, it’s going to look extremely breathtaking. You need to look at the color of your cabinets and figure out their undertones.

If the color looks extremely warm, then the cabinets have a warm undertone and you want to go for a similar undertone for the color of the countertop. The color doesn’t need to be the same. You can still have a light and dark color contrast even with matching undertones.

Light Up The Space

If you’re going for a bold and dark color for countertops, then it’s best to add some light to the rest of the space. Another way to do this is with light fixtures. Light can play a huge role in making your kitchen look more airy and roomy without having to put a lot of effort into it.

Try to go for lights that have a cooler undertone, because it will balance out the harshness of the dark colors perfectly. Also, if your kitchen doesn’t already have natural lighting, then this is a great way to light up your space.


You need to think about how you can make different colors work in your kitchen. Complimenting the right colors with the right tones, so that the colors don’t look weird together. Go to a quartz countertops dealer Potomac to find out the different colors of various countertop materials.