Can You Fix Your Commercial Oven Yourself?

Commercial ovens are slightly different from regular household ovens in terms of features and usage frequency. Since these machines are used throughout the day, the chances of them breaking down are relatively much more as well. So, in this article, we are going to look at some common commercial oven problems and see if you can fix them on your own before calling a commercial over repair technician.

Oven Not Heating To Appropriate Temperature

If your commercial oven is not heating to the appropriate temperature, there could be several reasons ranging from a faulty heating element to a gas igniter not working. Fortunately, you can easily diagnose the issue and maybe get the oven working again.

Before you do anything else, check the temperature sensor. It should not be in contact with the interior wall of the oven. Sometimes, while repairing, performing maintenance, or moving the oven, the temperature sensor gets misaligned and comes in contact with the interior wall.

This causes the sensor to record incorrect readings. At the same time, use an ohmmeter to make sure the sensor is working properly. If the meter shows no values, it means the sensor will need replacing. However, if the sensor seems to be working fine, you will need to check the heating element and gas igniter.

These components often develop problems if the oven is regularly maintained. Layers of dirt and dust can clog the heating element and gas igniter, not allowing the oven to function. Furthermore, it might also be that the oven needs calibration.

You can do it on your own by following the user manual or looking up videos on the internet.

Oven Not Self-Cleansing

As mentioned earlier, commercial ovens contain a lot more features that help with cooking and other basic tasks. That said, modern commercial ovens also come with self-cleaning features. However, that does not mean the oven will completely clean itself on its own if it is too dirty.

You will have to make sure it receives proper care and maintenance. If your commercial oven does not clean itself even after manual cleaning, you might need to replace the related components or even the control board.

In this case, you will be needing a professional’s help as technical issues like this carry a lot of risks. You can easily end up damaging other components without even getting near the actual problem.

Oven Not Cooking Food Evenly

It is often the case that customers complain of their meals not being cooked evenly. Sometimes, it could be the chef’s fault but, in most cases, it is the oven that seems to be the culprit. If you notice that your oven is not producing consistent results, it means something is wrong.

In the case of uneven cooking, you will need to check the igniter and thermostat. These tend to be the most common contributors to such problems. To check the heating element, simply preheat the oven and see if the elements light up.

At the same time, check the equation between the temperature and temperature sensor. If either of the components are showing trouble, you will simply need to replace them. Electric components can hardly be repaired or will not work for long even if you were to fix them somehow.

Replacing the components will require access to the components for which you will need to consult the user manual. Make sure to turn off the unit from the main power source.

Unresponsive Gas Burner

If you own an oven that runs on gas, an unresponsive gas burner is one of the most common malfunctions you will come across. In most cases, it is a dormancy issue. If the oven has not been used in a long time, dirt and dust particles can clog the burner.

To fix the issue, simply remove the burner grate, base, and cap. Try cleaning and removing any food particles. At the same time, inspect the wiring connecting the igniter and the control module. With time, these wires could wear out causing a malfunction.

If everything seems to be fine and the oven is still not working, it means you are looking at a far more complicated issue. You might need to replace the igniter or check the gas line.

This problem is common with commercial deep fryers too. If the gas burners are not responding, consider deep fryer repair Springfield or contact the utility company that supplies gas to your facility.

Faulty Control Board

A faulty control board means that your oven is dead. Then again, there could be several reasons causing the issue. In most cases, power surges tend to damage the control board. The best way to ensure that the oven won’t show any readings on the screen.

It will not respond even if it is getting power. Plus, you will need to access it to inspect for any burn signs or shortenings. Unfortunately, you will not be able to fix it on your own and will need a technician. Plus, control boards cannot be repaired. Even if it is, you won’t be offered any guarantee. So, it is better to replace the control board to avoid headaches later.

Oven Door Not Closing

Since commercial ovens are opened and closed numerous times throughout the day, it is obvious that the door will develop problems in the future. For instance, the oven door not closing is a common issue that can disrupt the business. Fortunately, fixing it is not that complicated either.

The first thing you need to do is unplug the oven and disconnect the door. Check the hinges and screws. If there are any signs of wear and tear, simply replace them. In addition to that, check the gasket around the door. The gaskets are made of plastic or rubber and will develop cracks with time.

So, if there are any unusual signs, simply replace the gasket. A faulty gasket may also cause the oven door not to close properly. Modern commercial ovens are loaded with safety features and won’t function if the door is faulty.

And plus, it might also affect the quality of your food.

How Can I Prevent Commercial Oven Problems?

Most commercial oven problems can easily be avoided if you perform regular inspections and maintenance. This helps you identify any unusual signs and fix them before your business is affected. The last thing you would want is your oven not turning on while the customers are waiting for their orders.

You should know that maintenance is not only about cleaning the oven but also repairing or replacing faulty components. Sometimes, the unusual signs or noises go unnoticed which eventually turns into a major problem.

However, if you were to closely observe the oven on a daily basis, you will be able to identify minor issues that could easily turn major. This is why it is your responsibility as an owner to be on the lookout for anything that might be suspicious and prevent it from happening again.


Commercial oven problems can vary in nature. Sometimes, you can fix them on your own, whereas in other cases, you will need the help of a commercial appliances repair Fairfax expert. However, it is important that you regularly inspect and maintain the unit to prevent complications in the future.