Why You Shouldn’t Use Tap Water

A lot of people use tap water for mundane things around the house, but it doesn’t mean that you should be using it for consumption. Here are reasons why tap water is not good for you, your body, and your health and you should consider water filtration or get bottled water home delivery from relevant services.

It May Have Metals

Tap water comes from an arrangement of pipes and into your house. Sometimes, this water can have traces of heavy metals in it. They cannot be seen by the naked eye but they can easily transfer from the water and into your body when you drink this kind of infested water. These metals can be chromium, iron, copper, and other heavy metals, which may also impart a weird taste or even color to your water. This can cause a lot of issues in the body like skin lesions, infections, and even eczema.

Lead Exposure

One of the biggest dangers of drinking unfiltered tap water is being exposed to lead. Lead is not a common material found in water, but it can be a recurring element in water, especially if the supply is coming from somewhere near a dumping site or chemical waste plant.

Lead can actually cause cancer and other types of cell abnormalities in your body. This is why it is recommended to never use tap water for drinking without boiling or filtering it first. You will save yourself from a lifetime of diseases if you take these precautions.

It Can Lead To Stomach Ache

A very common problem that can occur in adults and children alike, from the consumption of tap water, is a bad stomach ache. There are so many hidden things in tap water that cannot be seen or identified just by looking at it, but these small organisms and bacteria can go into your body and cause weird things.

Stomach aches, diarrhea, and constipation are just some of the many stomachs and digestive issues which are caused by unfiltered tap water. Drinking this type of water can also lead to ulcers and blisters inside the stomach and those can be very painful and they take months to heal fully.

It Can Have Bacteria

Bacteria is kind of the most common thing which is found in tap water. There are so many different types of bacteria found in water. E. Coli, hepatitis-causing agents, tetanus-causing bacteria, and more, are just some of the many bacteria. This is why it is advised to boil your water before you use it for drinking.

Some bacteria are inert and they don’t react until they go into your bloodstream and from there, they start to cause issues in your body, like skin and stomach issues and also general health issues.

It May Have A Weird Taste

Metals and some other substances can impart a weird taste to the water, which may be very unpleasant to drink. Your water might have a dirt-like taste, it may taste metallic or even pungent. The dirt-like taste is because of the dirt mixed in with the water. The pungent smell is because of the high amounts of chlorine in the water.

The metallic taste may be due to the presence of iron or another heavy metal in the water. These things need to be removed in order to get tasteless water, which is how it should always be.

The Color Might Be Off

Clean water is usually clear. Sometimes tap water can have a tinge of color in it. It might be murky in appearance or it might have an orange hue to it. This is because of the dirt and metals mixed in the water.

These things make the water look weird in color and it needs to be cleaned in order for it to be clear in appearance and suitable for drinking. This is why charcoal filters are used to draw out the dirt and impurities from the water like a magnet.


There you have it! These are just some of the many dangerous effects of tap water on your body. It’s best to find a drinking water delivery service Meadville for getting pure water. If you really want to use your tap water, look for different types of water filters.