Should You Have A Rug In Your Kitchen

All want their kitchen to be beautiful, clean, and yet functional. An area rug is one of the many things that add some element to your kitchen. But a traditional rug in your kitchen! Yay or nay?

This question has been asked many times. And after losing counts of yays and nays, I have decided to look for it myself. Let’s see if putting an area rug in your kitchen is a good idea or not.

Why Not?

Many professionals negate the idea of having a rug in their kitchen. According to them, even if you ignore all the possible spills and grease that come with a rug, it is still hazardous. And that is because of the tripping danger. Especially in the case of cheap rugs, they fold at the edges resulting in bad, dangerous trips. Therefore, I would not recommend having a rug in your kitchen with kids running all over.

Moreover, rugs are an obstacle for senior residents, especially those with wheelchairs or walkers. But, for that case, if you really want to have a rug, then you can have something low-pile with a non-slip coating at the base.

Thirdly, spilling is the most common reason for why professionals don’t support having area rugs in your kitchen. It is impossible for one to cook and eat or even walk around in the kitchen and never have spilled anything over the floor. But floors are way easier to clean than rugs.

Well, it all depends upon the number of people in a family. It is better to not have a rug with a big family having great foot traffic in the kitchen. But, if you have a small family or have grown-up kids, let’s design your kitchen with beautiful rugs.

Other than spills, grease, and crumbs are the reasons for not having rugs in your kitchen. It adds a little more time and effort to your cleaning work in the kitchen. But, if you think you can deal with that, it’s a yeah then.

Pros Of An Area Rug

A few weeks back, I overheard my aunt saying she loves working in the kitchen since she put an area rug there. She added a little more to her statement, saying she thinks her kitchen will look dull now without a rug.

Well, I think she was right. And where many don’t like putting an area rug in their kitchen, the same number of people support the idea of having a rug in the kitchen.

A rug will add a colorful pattern and a style element to your kitchen. I personally love putting a “cotton woven kilim” under my feet over the area near the sink. It actually motivates me to stand there on a colorful kilim and wash dishes. It also looks quite modern on any kind of floor, either a stone floor or wood floor.

With that said, rugs add warmth and a homely feeling to your kitchen. They’re a reflection of your artsy personality. I have seen rugs in many designer’s kitchens. Rugs make your visitors know how you love to put detail and effort into everything.

Also, quoting my aunt, “I would love to have something in my kitchen that absorbs the noise, smell, spills, and still gives back warmth and beauty.”

Cleaning Tips

Being an art enthusiast, I would love to decor my kitchen floor with a rug. Also, I know it is not as easy as saying it. It takes one to be a crazy cleaner or someone with OCD to keep your kitchen clean and functional with a rug.

You need to be extra careful not to spill juice, gravy, or red wine over the rug. Don’t let your pet laze over the kitchen area rug, although they love licking the rugs. Well, that leaves your rugs slimy resulting in trips.

Clean the spills as soon as possible. Also, do not rub the rugs too aggressively or with harsh chemicals. Instead, use home remedies for cleaning your rugs.

Safety Measures

To avoid tripping by the rug, make sure there’s a non-slip coating underneath the rug. And for some extra care, use rug tape under the edges or wherever you think the rug folds.

Final Word

Although there are pros and cons of placing an area rug in your kitchen, if you wish you use a rug, make sure that you buy from rugs on sale Alexandria stores that have durable rugs.

What type of area rug should you buy?

Area rugs are similar to carpets but of a smaller size and different dimensions. Most rugs offered in rug stores are geometric in form, often circular, square, or rectangular. Like carpets, they provide color, comfort, and warmth to your place.


Do you want to upgrade your space and start on your dull and boring floors? Do you want to make it look more vibrant and pleasing to the eyes? An area rug is what you need.


Using an area rug has advantages aside from the beauty it gives to your space. Here are the three benefits of area rugs.

Protect the floors from scratch and damage

Sharp and heavy objects, pet claws, and furniture stands can slightly scratch your floors. Area rugs prevent these situations from happening.

Reduce the noise in your place

Cloths have a sound-dampening effect, reducing the sound. This very essential for spaces located on top with a downstairs neighbor.

Gives warm and cozy feeling to the place

Area rugs are best for the winter season. These rugs help to trap the warmth and make your space more homie and cozy.


In buying, you can be overwhelmed with thevarious types of rugsavailable. You need to put into consideration the style, the placement, and the budget. You should also study the material used and the durability. Here are the six most common materials for an area rug.


Wool rugs are traditionally handwoven and hand-knotted area rugs made    of natural fiber. These wool rugs are more expensive than the machine-loomed ones due to the extensive work in making them.


Silk rugs can be 100 % silk or silk blend. They are often thin, and soft to touch. These provide luxurious shine to your place but are less durable than most materials.


Cotton rugs are the most budget-friendly area rug. It is the best alternative to the higher-cost rugs. Cotton rugs are best for casual spaces. It is also best if you are the type to change your theme regularly. However, these rugs will fade quickly and do not last long.


Jute and Bamboo rags are best for spaces that need texture. These natural materials can add a nature vibe to indoor spaces. They can    be the base under a smaller decorative rug.


Leather rugs are woven strips. Hides and sheepskin are full animal hides. These rugs are best for small spaces and irregular shapes rooms. They tend to accumulate dirt, it is important to take them out and wash them regularly.


Microfiber rugs are made of either 100 % polyester or a mix of polyester and other synthetic fiber. They use tiny threads, often machine woven to mimic the look of the expensive wool rugs. These  rugs are inexpensive and great when you want a quick makeover without spending big.


Renovating a space is never easy. You have to choose the theme, the color, and the fixtures to put. You focus only on the top and never bother to look down below. Sometimes you don’t need to invest big for the floor, an area rug will do. It can be the defining feature of your space.

When you shop for rugs on sale Alexandria, think of all the factors to consider before picking one. Read our guide above to make sure you buy the best rug that fits your taste and your space.