What Damages A Car Paint The Most?

As a vehicle owner, you should know that your vehicle’s paint is of utmost importance when it comes to the appearance of your car. It does not only affect the aesthetic appeal, but the resale value, which is the most contributing factor when it comes to selling a car. However, maintaining the paint is not something people value in most cases and ignore installing a paint protection film. If you are someone who wants to protect their car’s paint but isn’t aware of the factors that could damage it, here is what you need to know.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is one of the biggest enemies of car paint and if it comes in contact, it will eat away at the coating of the paint causing it to peel. But brake fluids come in different varieties. If the brake fluid is not silicone-based, then you need to keep it away from the paint.

In most cases, the brake fluid comes in contact with the paint when the vehicle is being serviced. To avoid contact, experts cover the vehicle or apply for protection. Hands covered with brake fluid can also severely affect the paint if the body of the vehicle is constantly touched.

This is why, you need to wear gloves and ensure the vehicle is properly covered to keep external elements at bay. And, if you happen to get the brake fluid onto the vehicle’s paint accidentally, you should use a towel or any other quick-absorbing solution to remove it. Clean the spots using soap or any other chemical and rinse it until it is completely removed.

Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are another common problem affecting the quality and lifespan of paints. Bird droppings are acidic and when come in contact with the sun turn harder, which makes it a lot more difficult to remove them. Plus, even if you happen to remove the droppings, you will still find a stain left behind.

Removing the stain can be a pain and should be avoided in the first place. However, avoiding bird droppings is not that easy. One way or the other way, your vehicle will experience some. That said, the best way to prevent direct contact is by covering your vehicle.

If you are parking the vehicle under a tree for shade, you should cover the vehicle. This will help you avoid a mess especially if you have a new vehicle or one that was recently washed. And, whenever you find bird droppings on your car, remove them immediately and do not let them dry. If the droppings have hardened, use a cleaner agent to remove them.

Tree Sap

Tree sap is another natural element that can damage car paint. If the paint is regularly exposed to the tree sap, it will eat away your paint’s clear coat and result in discoloration and staining. Plus, if the temperature is hot outside, the process can accelerate.

Tree sap is a sticky substance and if ignored for a long can become a nuisance to remove. This is why, if you spot a tree sap, you should that area as soon as possible. All you need to do is use a wet cloth with a cleaning agent to remove it. Keep in mind that you might need to use the cleaning agent multiple times depending on the impact.

Many vehicle owners have been reported to use sharp objects to remove the tree sap. However, it is a huge risk considering it can scratch the paint. Therefore, either invest in a good product or consult an expert.

Improper Washing And Cleaning Techniques

Washing your vehicle and ensuring it is clean and shiny is one thing but most vehicle owners are still not familiar with the appropriate washing and cleaning techniques. For instance, you should not wash the vehicle with detergents and other similar chemicals that take away the shine.

Plus, you should also not use tools and clothes that are not made for the paint. Some people tend to use cotton cloths that put swirls on the paint and need to be treated by an expert after some time. Furthermore, there is a huge variety of cleaning products out there.

Not doing your research and opting for something that is not suited to your vehicle can severely affect it as well. Not all polishes and compounds are made for every type of vehicle. The differences in color and external factors require some research.

Keep in mind if you have car window tinting Springfield installed, you will need to be careful on the windows and use the right products and methods for washing your vehicle.

Acid Rain

Acid rain is a nightmare for vehicle owners especially those who own expensive ones. The problem with acid rain is that you never know when it will take place and you might be asleep only to wake up and find that your vehicle is damaged beyond repair. Acid rain destroys and damages everything in its way.

Moreover, acid rain does not affect humans as much as vehicles. So, you might not even notice if there is acid rain until you observe some nasty spots on the vehicle. If your vehicle has experienced acid rain, you will need to use a clay bar and some water to remove the spots.

To remove them, simply rub the clay bar back and forth until the spots are gone. Then, wipe the area using a microfiber cloth and repeat if necessary. Additionally, you can also use a watermark to remove the acid rain stains.

Using Dirty Rags And Towels

Last but not least, you might have seen people using dirty rags and towels to clean the vehicle. While it might seem like a time-saving effort, you have no idea the amount of damage it does to the vehicle. Before you even attempt to clean the vehicle, make sure to either use a new cloth or a washed one.

Plus, you should not use a rag or towel in the first place. Buy a couple of microfiber cloths and use a shampoo to clean them. Using a cloth covered with detergent will only make things worse. Allow the cloth to properly dry before using it.

How To Protect Your Vehicle?

The best way to protect your vehicle is by installing a paint protection film especially if it is a new vehicle. Although, some polishes and coatings help protect the paint against contaminants, paint protection films take it to the next level. They can also protect the vehicle’s paint against light scratches and swirls.

However, on the price side, paint protection films are a lot more expensive than coatings. At the same time, paint protection films should only be installed by a professional and not someone who offers cheap services. This way, you will be able to get a guarantee for the job in case something goes wrong in the future.


A vehicle’s paint has several enemies you need to look out for. Vehicles need regular maintenance for the exterior parts as well like its body and paint. Make sure you follow a maintenance schedule and protect your car’s paint by going to a paint protection film installer Springfield. This goes a long way in terms of sustaining its resale value until you plan on upgrading.