Rectangular Vs Freeform Pool: Which Pool Shape To Choose?

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a blessing not everyone can afford. Not only does it bring immense joy but also creates wonderful memories. However, considering the shapes and types today, it can hard to pick the right one for you. As easy as it seems, choosing between a rectangular and a freeform pool is a complicated decision and you may even need some input from your in ground pool builder. To help you out, we will compare both types in detail so that you can build the pool of your dreams.

What Is The Difference?

The biggest misconception surrounding pools and their shapes is that they hardly have any impact on the property or the visual appeal. For most homeowners, a pool might simply be a body of water they can jump into and cool off. However, that does not go for everybody.

For others, pool shape may be the biggest concern considering external factors and circumstances. For instance, it might be that a property does not have enough area to accommodate a freeform pool and only a rectangular-shaped pool. In such situations, if you were forced into a swimming pool of some other shape, not only will it increase the labor costs but also make the pool look cramped.

That said, if your yard is long but narrow, the only shape you should go for is rectangular. In many cases, the width of the rectangular pools falls between eight to ten feet. In addition to that, rectangular pools also serve practical purposes. For example, if the homeowner wants to exercise, a rectangular-shaped pool is going to be a lot better than a freeform pool.

Drawbacks Of A Rectangular Pool

Depending on the situation, a rectangular pool might be the only option on your list. However, you need to keep in mind that it comes with certain drawbacks as well such as the cost. Considering rectangular pools are rectangular, most homeowners believe they are going to cost cheaper than freeform pools.

Rectangular pools add more feet to the perimeter, which increases the final costs too. Furthermore, these pools also require increased square footage when compared to other types. Plus, they are also more inflexible when compared to freeform pools.

For instance, if you have trees, plants, or shrubs installed in your yard and they come in the way of the rectangular pool, you will have to get rid of them. However, if it is a freeform pool, you can work your way around it.

Benefits Of A Freeform Pool

Freeform pools are like the opposite of rectangular pools. While rectangular pools offer a standard long and narrow design, freeform pools as the term suggests come with a free-flowing design. The biggest advantage of freeform pools is that you can incorporate the other features of your backyard as well.

As mentioned earlier, a rectangular pool might require you to remove certain features but that is not the case with a freeform pool. Another noteworthy advantage of freeform pools is that they make the backyard look spacious and not cramped even if you have a small backyard.

Combined with trees and plantations, homeowners can build a small island in their backyard where they can spend time with their friends and family. But, you should still be careful about the size and design of the freeform pool. To come up with the perfect freeform pool, you will need to consult an expert.

Types Of Freeform Designs

Although, freeform pools tend to be free-flowing but come in different shapes as well. For example, the kidney pool shape happens to be the most popular. Then again, the perfect shape will depend on things like the size and dimensions of the yard. The best thing about kidney pools is that you can add multiple features without taking up too much space in your yard.

For instance, you can also add a little spa section in your freefrom pool instead of occupying additional space. Another popular freeform design happens to be the 8-figure pool shape. As the term suggests, it resembles the number 8. In simple words, the pool comes with two oval sections with a thick middle between them.

For freeform pools, you will need to choose concrete as your pool material because it can be transformed to any shape.

How To Pick The Right Pool Shape?

Choosing between a rectangular and a freeform pool can be a tricky situation. While your personal preference might be rectangular, the circumstances may only allow for a freeform pool. This means you will need to consider all the factors involved before you can make the final decision.

When building a pool, keep in mind that you will need to involve an expert as well. You must consult a contractor or a masonry who can give you the best advice after considering your personal needs and preferences along with the other factors involved.

An expert will always personally visit the place before deciding which shape or type to go for. This is because some homeowners do not want to compromise on natural beauty such as plantations just to accommodate a pool. Moreover, some people want a pool along with a patio. So, they must consult patio builders Long Island as well before making a decision.

However, if the pool is only for kids and pets, having a free-flowing design rather than a rectangular one is going to be the best option. In that case, you should choose the right depth as well.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing A Pool Shape?

Before building a pool and to ensure you spend your money wisely, you must consider some factors. To begin with, the budget should be your biggest concern. Setting up a budget helps you focus on your priorities. It is often the case where homeowners focus more on the luxuries rather than the practicality of the pool.

While this will increase the visual appeal but hardly be enjoyable or practical for those who want to take a dip. Plus, it also keeps your needs and preferences in check while keeping distractions at bay.

Furthermore, the purpose of the pool also defines the type and shape. If you wish to exercise, having a rectangular pool is the best option. However, if the intention is just to relax and spend time, then a freeform pool is going to be the best option.

Then, comes the maintenance of the pool. The maintenance could be expensive considering the shape of the pool. It is also important that you keep the pool clean for it to be aesthetically pleasing. But, if you cannot afford to spend time or schedule professional maintenance, you are the pool may not good within a year of its construction.

Therefore, never ignore maintenance and you will be rewarded for it. In the future, if you intend to sell the property, you will be able to negotiate a better price if the property and its features like the swimming pool is looked after.


Both rectangular and freeform pools have their set of advantages and disadvantages. The decision for choosing the best one out of them depends on your needs, budget, backyard, and other factors. That said, consider the information above and consult pool contractors Long Island before going ahead with the process.