What To Know About Fusion Hair Extensions?

If you want instant volume and length added to your hair, then getting hair extensions in salon is the way to go. Common hair extensions are clip-ins and tape-ins. But sometimes, you might want something a bit more permanent and natural-looking. This is where fusion hair extensions come in. Here is everything you need to know about them.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are different from traditional hair extensions because with the latter, you need to apply them on the scalp and hide them from view, because they are not “part of your hair” per se, whereas the former option is a much more natural way of applying for extensions and it’s not only very forgiving when it comes to appearance, but it also lasts a lot longer, because the application is very strategic and it looks like your natural hair, almost.

Fusion hair extensions have no clips, sutures, or any other weird things that are secured on the hair. It is simple and easy to apply and you will get the best results.

Fusion hair extension application involves the use of an adhesive strip that’s applied on the top of the weft in a zigzag pattern and then it’s fused on the hair. It is secured in place and it won’t unravel easily, so you can sport these extensions for longer and they won’t even come off.

The best part about these extensions is the fact that you can’t even see them, if your hair is up in a bun or a tight braid, because that is how good and concealed the application is. These extensions are very versatile and can be used for a plethora of hairstyles, so now there’s no need for you to stick to a handful of hairstyles because you can style your hair any way you want and no one will even get a blip of doubt that there are extensions in your hair.

Here are some things that you should know about fusion hair extensions:

Two Types Of Applications

There are primarily two ways by which these extensions can be fused on your natural hair.

The first one is the hot fusion technique. In hot fusion, the hair wefts, that have the adhesive attached to them, are fused on the hair by using heat, either from a flat iron or a special fusing tool meant for hair extensions.

The second method is cold fusion, in which the extensions are secured on the head using small metal rings and are tightened with pliers. This is a much simpler and quick method.

Works For Thinner Hair

Hair extensions can be pretty hard to put in, especially if you have thin and sparse hair and don’t have a lot of hiding room for the wefts. Well, with fusion extensions, you don’t need to worry about these things at all.

These extensions are perfect for women with thin hair and they can rock these extensions freely and in different hairstyles, with no worries in the back of their minds. The application of these extensions is pretty easy and there are no clips or weird bumps that need to be concealed with more hair or the right section making.

Beaded Extensions

The beaded extensions are probably the best type of fusion extensions out there. You don’t even need any glue to make the extensions stick.

The extensions hang from the hair with a strong micro-ring on which the extensions are beaded. This makes the process fast and all the technician needs to do is make a section and secure the beaded extensions and the ring in place with hair extension pliers. The results are amazing and the extensions are almost concealed, so you can wear your hair any way that you want.

Long Application Time

One major drawback of fusion extensions is the time it takes for application. It can only be done in a salon, first of all, and you’re going to have to spare 4 to 8 hours for this process, depending on how thick your hair is and how many extensions are going to be installed on your hair.

If the method you’re going for is hot fusion, then you need to allocate more than 4 hours. If you’re going for cold fusion, then it can take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours.

Available In A Variety Of Textures

With hair extensions, you need to take care of the fact that they match your hair color and texture to the T. You can’t risk any slight change in the extensions and the actual hair because that’s going to be a dead giveaway that the voluminous hair you’re sporting is not real at all.

But fusion extensions are here to save the day because they’re available in a variety of colors and textures. It doesn’t matter if your hair is dead straight, slightly wavy, curly, or coiled tight, there is something for everyone. You can also get the extensions dyed in any color that you want.

If you section your hair correctly, you can also get a hair highlights or balayage look straight from a balayage salon Potomac.

They Last Long

One of the biggest selling points of these extensions is the fact that they’re different from those temporary extensions. You can wear these extensions in your hair for up to 6 months. They don’t tug on your hair as sew-in extensions do and they are not uncomfortable at all, so you’re in for a treat.

If you want to get your hands on hair extensions that can be used for longer than a day or two, then fusion extensions are the ones that you need to go for.

Weft Types

Here are some different extension types that make them fuss-free.


I-tip extensions are very interesting, because the top of the weft almost looks like a shoelace, hence the name. These extensions are really easy to apply on thinner hair and they can adhere to your natural hair by any method.

The hot fusion method will employ the melting of the tip with a heating tool and the weft will be effortlessly secured in your hair. If you want to opt for the cold fusion method, then you can do that as well. It is a very versatile extension.


The name of these extensions is after the look it gives once it has been applied. These extensions are super heavy duty and they are secured on the hair with a strong-hold keratin bond. The bond is not budging anywhere, so you better believe that the extensions are going to stay put, until or unless you dissolve the bond with a special solvent.

These extensions are also pretty wonderful for thin and thick hair, but it is highly recommended for women with slightly thicker hair because they need a bit more body to stay put. You can reinstall these extensions pretty easily too, with a keratin bond, in case some wefts get loose after some time.


Hair extensions are available in a variety of types, based on their longevity and if you’re looking for decent extensions that will last you a reasonable amount of time, then fusion extensions are the way to go. Visit salons that do hair extensions Potomac for quality fusion extensions.