Pros And Cons Of Dolomite Countertops

There are so many natural stone materials for countertops to choose from such as marble and granite countertops. Sometimes, the choice of material can become difficult. So, here is everything you need to know about another natural stone, dolomite.

Pros Of Dolomite Countertops

It Is Similar To Marble In Looks

If you are looking for a countertop material that is strikingly similar to marble in looks and feels but is stronger and more durable than it and also less expensive, then dolomite is the perfect stone to go for.

It is a great stone that has similar veining and pattern on its surface which is usually found on marble. You will love the look of dolomite and your kitchen will also look extremely beautiful. The colors of dolomite countertops are also quite the same as marble, so it’s safe to say that both stones have a lot of similarities in appearance.

It Resists Heat Well

One of the great things about dolomite is that it resists heat like a champ. It is one of the few materials which will not have those pesky dark heat stains which are a pain to remove. It is a great material if you are someone who handles hot things directly on the countertop surface.

With other natural stones and materials, you need to be careful not to let the hot stuff touch the surface of the countertop, otherwise, they will stain and crack over time. Not with dolomite though, you have complete liberty to use hot pots and pans directly on the surface.

It Is Less Expensive

As mentioned before, dolomite is a great alternative to marble. It is also a great substitute for expensive stones which are all about looks and have no durability. Dolomite is not only reasonably durable, but it is also a great material price-wise.

You don’t need to spend a huge fortune on a countertop material when you have the option of dolomite. It is extremely reasonable in price and it also lasts longer, so you have yourself a great deal which shouldn’t be missed.

It Is Available In Ample Quantities

Dolomite is found in the depths of the Earth. It is a sedimentary rock and is made up of sediments or small particles of different stones. Pulverized marble, limestone, and other stones make up dolomite.

One of the reasons why dolomite is so reasonably priced is that it is available in ample quantities all over the planet. It is not a precious or rare stone and it can be mined from anywhere. It’s available in huge quantities and there are tons of manufacturers which take these huge slabs of dolomite and convert them into slabs for kitchen countertops.

Cons Of Dolomite Countertops

It Is Prone To Scratches

Dolomite is durable, but one of the biggest drawbacks of dolomite is that it is prone to scratches. Sedimentary rocks are soft on the outside and any sharp object can produce a nasty scratch which will be a hassle to get fixed.

You need to be careful that you are not letting any sharp object like a knife or needle get in contact with the surface of dolomite, otherwise, it will scratch and then you will need to have the scratch filled, which is just another task to maintain the countertop. If you don’t fill in the scratch on time, it may penetrate deeper and cause further damage.

It Is Porous

Dolomite is a sedimentary rock, so it is porous. If you are familiar with the types of rocks, you will know that sedimentary rocks are extremely porous and water or any other substance can go into the rock and penetrate to its core. The same goes for dolomite. This is why you need to have them sealed if you want to use them in the kitchen.

Sealing the countertop will make it waterproof and will make it last longer, but it can be tedious for some people, which is totally understandable.


There you have it! Now you know all of the good and bad about dolomite countertops, so, you can decide more easily what material should you select for your countertops. Visit the store of granite countertop installers Durham NC to find different types of natural stone and engineered countertop materials.