What Is An EOT Crane And What Are Its Types

Transportation, construction, production, and other important industries make use of different types of cranes depending on the needs and tasks on a daily basis. Amongst them, EOT cranes tend to be fairly popular that run on electricity, and are used in industrial rigging. If you are looking for something that can easily carry out production and transportation tasks, the EOT crane is a perfect choice. Let’s take a look into what makes these machines stand out from the rest.

How Does An EOT Crane Work?

An Electric Overhead Traveling crane as mentioned earlier runs on electricity and is mostly found in factories that carry out a huge number of production and transportation tasks regularly. These machines are either controlled by radio, suspension pendant, or a cabin attached to the crane itself.

The versatility and ease of use make EOT cranes one of the most popular choices in several different types of industries such as steel, iron, mining, etc. Plus, EOT machines are also used both indoors and outdoors. EOT cranes are identified by a rail that supports a trolley meant for lifting and shifting weights. As a result, the crane does not experience any hurdles while it performs the tasks.

Types Of EOT Cranes

Single Girder EOT Crane

The single girder EOT crane features a single girder with a trolley and hoist that travels along the axis. Plus, it contains vertical gearboxes and mounted motors along with the main girder installed between the parallel runway, which does not require the rail component to move on the runway.

This makes it easy for it to be controlled via remote or a push-button pendant station. In addition to that, EOT cranes also utilize a snap action limit switch that provides help in up and down motion. However, these types are mostly designed to handle medium materials and objects.

Furthermore, Single girder EOT cranes have a lifting capacity of 20 tons and feature a compact size, which makes it easy for them to be installed and used in factories that are short on space.

Double Girder EOT Crane

It is similar to a single girder with the difference that it features a double girder. Additionally, double girder EOT cranes feature horizontal gearboxes and foot-mounted motors along with a crab mechanism that travels along the girders.

As compared to the single girder EOT crane, the double girder EOT crane can also be operated through a cabin, which comes attached to the crane. While operators can operate the crane using a radio remote control or push-button pendant but double girder cranes are mostly operated via cabin.

Moreover, double girder EOT cranes come with two types of limit switches. One is the rotary limit switch and the other is the gravity limit switch. While the rotary limit switch controls the upward and downward movements of the hook, the gravity limit switch is used for securing the limit switch working.

EOT Crane Maintenance

General Routine Maintenance

Since EOT cranes are heavy-duty machines, general routine maintenance is important to ensure that the components of the crane are in perfect working conditions to avoid any serious consequences. Considering the fact that these machines continuously lift and shift heavy loads, the weight can take a toll on the components leading to cracks or damage.

With that said, general routine maintenance should be performed at least every week, which includes checking the oil, filters, and adjusting and aligning the crane components.

Mandatory Compliance Inspections

Mandatory compliance inspections are crucial for the safety and security of the people working in the surrounding area. These inspections are carried out by an expert who records and informs any failures or potentially problematic components to the relevant authorities.

As a result, the evaluations make sure that the cranes follow the safety standards of the industry, which not only keeps the machines running in perfect condition but also helps prevent legal troubles down the road.


EOT cranes are a huge success in the production and manufacturing industries and most crane services VA keep a stock of these cranes. While they have several benefits to offer, it is equally important to perform general and mandatory inspections to keep the working environment safe. This ensures that the tasks are carried out as effectively and efficiently as possible.