What Are The Benefits Of Chimney Waterproofing

The materials that are perfect for constructing a sustainable and sturdy chimney also are disastrous for water. Water drastically damages the chimney masonry and causes leakages and cracks. To avoid chimney repair, you should consider waterproofing your chimney.

Do You Need Chimney Waterproofing?

The masonry of your chimney is very much susceptible to damage. Over time if not waterproofed, your chimney may resort to cracks and holes causing leakage, and hence your chimney will not work to its capacity. Water will penetrate inside and outside of your chimney and cause a multitude of problems.

  • Water will lead to rusting of the masonry, doors, damper, and liner. All of these are made of metals and get rusted due to coming in contact with water.
  • Stains and discoloration of all the chimney parts and masonry giving a disoriented look.
  • When the water penetrates the chimney, it causes the mortar to disintegrate and break away thereby causing holes and cracks. When there are holes then there is a freeway entrance for the water to easily go in the chimney and cause further damage.
  • A chimney cap is used to protect the chimney from debris and external factors. It is usually made of stainless steel or copper. If it gets damaged then it causes your chimney to leak.
  • The flashing is part of the chimney which lies between the chimney and the roof and ensures that the connection stays waterproof. But after constant contact with water, it goes through severe wear and tear causing the chimney to leak and needs to be replaced or waterproofed.
  • The water inside the chimney leads to rotting, mildew, and fungus which causes a bad smell in the chimney.

What Are The Advantages Chimney Waterproofing Offers?

Now you know the reasons why it is absolutely necessary to waterproof your chimney. Waterproofing maintains the structure of your chimney and causes it to last a long time and work efficiently. If not waterproofed, then surely there will be cracks which will cause inefficient burning of the fire causing an increase in your bills and your home not getting warm enough. Below are the benefits of waterproofing your chimney:

Avoid Discoloration

Waterproofing your chimney avoids the blackening, discoloration, and stains on the chimney from inside and outside and makes it look new as of since it was installed.

Avoid Mortar Damage

When the chimney is waterproofed, then water is not able to penetrate inside the masonry and parts, thus the mortar stays fixed in place and there are fewer chances of cracks or gaps occurring which causes the structure of the chimney to remain solid and last longer.

In winters the area surrounding the chimney freezes and the masonry may also experience frost and ice which solidifies. This melts in the summers leading to damage from thawing and melting and can lead to cracks and gaps and missing mortar in your chimney. Waterproofing avoids the damage from this freezing and thawing scenario.

Moreover, waterproofing allows your chimney parts to release water vapors and also breathe.

Avoid Rusting

When there is no entry of water then there is no chance of rusting if the masonry and parts of the chimney. Also, there will be no mildew and fungal growth thereby maintaining the internal structure of the chimney.

Avoid Mold Growth

The absorption of water from the vegetation growth and mold surrounding the chimney is avoided.

Avoid Leaning Of The Chimney

After a lot of damage to the structure of the chimney may lean on one side and there is the danger of the chimney collapsing and causing damage to property and life.

Extend Chimney’s Life

Waterproofing helps the chimney to last a long time and ensures its efficient working. If not waterproofed then the masonry and materials of the chimney will get damaged and the structure will begin to disintegrate. When this happens, you will naturally need to repair the masonry and parts which will be very costly.


There are many ways to waterproof a chimney. Your chimney expert will be able to determine the perfect way of waterproofing your chimney after a thorough check. Usually, your exterior masonry and the foundation of the chimney, and the chimney cap are waterproofed. You should instantly get your chimney waterproofed by a reliable chimney contractor Columbia MD before your chimney gets damaged further.