In What Order Should I Remodel My Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is no doubt an exciting process. As easy and simple it might seem, homeowners often mind the process a bit confusing. The reason is that there are several factors to consider that ensure the bathroom remodeling project is successful. One of the major concerns is the order in which the bathroom should be remodeled. This is because even a slight mistake might cause the contractor to tear down an entire wall or dig up the floor. Therefore, let’s discuss some important tips that will help you remodel your bathroom the right way.

Remove Bathroom Fixtures

The first step towards bathroom remodeling relates to removing all the fixtures. Regardless of you opting for a partial or complete renovation, you are going to need to remove the fixtures. You can do this on your own but you will need a set of tools.

If floor renovation is also part of the process, you will need to remove the toilet as well as the tub. In this case, you are going to need a helping hand. While removing the fixtures, you need to be extra careful to not damage or crack anything. Next, the cabinets and drawers need to be removed.

Removing fixtures such as mirrors and cabinets requires wearing safety goggles and other equipment to prevent injuries since these items contain sharp edges. Once they are removed, make sure to place or store them away temporarily in a safe place.

Install The New Shower Or Tub

Once you have gutted the bathroom, the first thing that needs to go inside is the new shower or tub. If you find that the floor is cracked or damaged, you will need to replace that first as well. While choosing a new tub or shower, keep in mind the entrance of the bathroom and the location.

In most cases, people tend to purchase tubs that are comparatively bigger than the area available. To avoid that, it is suggested to measure the area available so that you end up with the perfect match. You can also opt for a combination of shower or tub if there is enough space available. Experts recommend installing at least one tub to increase the resale value of the property.

Lay The New Flooring

Once the new tub or shower has been installed, you can start working on your new flooring. While tiles tend to be the most popular type amongst homeowners, you can also opt for vinyl or laminate if budget is an issue.

If you are opting for tiles, make sure that they all are installed perfectly inline. Some people have done this on their own in the past but it is better to hire an expert for the purpose. If your house is relatively older, you might want to put in some effort and money into correcting the floor first.

Hang Drywall And Start Painting

The next step of your the remodeling process of your bathroom is hanging the new drywall. You should expect this process to be time consuming as the drywall needs to be modified to fit the vanity, walls, and other features. Working on the drywall means that you should use drywall mud and tape to cover the gaps and seams.

Plus, for the shower/tub wall, you should use a cement backer board instead of drywall. And last but not the least, coat the drywall with a waterproofing material to protect against water damage. Once you are done with the drywall, it is time to paint it. Choose a color that matches the overall theme of your house. Avoid using dark colors as stains and other materials appear more prominent.

Install Cabinets And Vanity

Now that the wall is done, you can begin reinstalling the cabinets and vanity. You should install the vanity first along with the faucet and sink. Once the major work is done, you can move on to other minor things such as the trim, mirror, and cabinets.

Then again, be extra careful and wear appropriate safety equipment to protect yourself against serious injuries.

Final Word

While you work on mostly the visual appeal of your bathroom, make sure to ask your bathroom remodeling contractors Rockville to upgrade features such as lighting and plumbing systems as well. Then, you can add some decorative items and hang some pictures to put some life into it. Finally, take a hot shower and enjoy the new space you have spent so much time and money on.