How To Get A Divorce Without Fighting?

Divorces are hard; let’s not beat around the bush on this part, but they can be even more mentally draining if there’s a lot of fighting and bickering involved. Here are some tips that can help you lead you to an amicable separation. And don’t forget to involve an uncontested divorce lawyer.

Speak Your Emotions

Emotions are considered to be pretty powerful when going through uncertain and uncomfortable situations, and while you need to learn how to control your emotions and not burst them out in the wrong way, it’s also important to validate them and give them attention.

It’s going to feel so liberating to let your thoughts out and you, as a partner, can do this with each other, so that the divorce proceedings can move forward without any problem.


Couples can usually tell when things are starting to fall apart in their marriage, but they still try to hold onto a sinking ship. That’s not always a good idea. The best way to go about the topic of divorce with your spouse is to simply talk it out.

Sometimes, talking with your partner and letting them know how you feel in this marriage, is a great way to smoothly initiate the end of your marriage. Most spouses are understanding in this regard, because they appreciate the fact that you’re trying to talk it out with them first and not slapping a divorce complaint in their face.

Plan Before The Impact

This is a great tip to follow if you don’t want to end up on the streets during divorce proceedings. Financially planning for the safety of your kids and what you’re going to do after the divorce is crucial.

You don’t want to go with the flow during this time, rather you want to secure your and your children’s future at all cost. This is where talking things out with your partner is important too, because you need to lay everything out in the open.

Make The Process Easy

Instead of choosing revenge and making things difficult for your spouse, try to choose the better way out of this already dreadful situation. Karma is real and it can turn back on you anytime, so it’s good to make things easy for you as well as your spouse, as much as you both humanely can.

There won’t be anything that anyone can get out of making things complicated for the other person. It’s best to choose a simple way of divorce, and then get the custody battle settled so that you both can go about your own lives.

Don’t Complicate Things

A major reason why most couples fight during the talks and process of a divorce is the fact that one partner has been unfaithful to the other and they’re hurt by this revelation. If you’re cheated on, then that doesn’t mean that you need to hit back as hard as you got.

Getting into relationships during divorces can mess with your healing process. You don’t need to complicate things further. You’re hurt and that’s certainly justifiable, but that doesn’t mean that you have to retaliate in this way.

Request Vs. Demand

We should all know by now that demanding things have never really worked in any way and if you want a say in a matter, then it’s best to adopt the request approach, rather than angrily demanding something. It’s human nature to soften towards a request and no matter how much you try to demand things, the result is never in your favor.

Try to follow this tip during a divorce or proceeding, if you want your partner to come to terms with you, then you can try requesting it. There are more chances that they will give in, because you’re cordially asking them, without attacking them in a hurtful way.

Be Responsible

It’s very easy to lose yourself during a divorce, but the key here is to stay strong and responsible. If you have a good support system and a circle of friends that are there for you, in every walk of life, then you should consider yourself lucky, because not everyone has that.

So, you need to stop sulking over the end of your marriage too, because that was inevitable, and turn up responsibly. Be there for your friends and family as they were for you and go through this painful summit together. You’ll be much stronger than ever.

Don’t Be Naïve

Being nice isn’t synonymous with being naïve. You should cordially go about things, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be a doormat. There are ways by which you can face your partner without wanting to point fingers at them and deal with proceedings with a cool and calm demeanor, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you can let every mistake slip by.

After all, you need to look after yourself post-divorce and it’s important that you’re not losing yourself in the process either, all in the name of being “the good person”. You can be a good person and demand your legal rights without fighting as well. You need the advice of a family lawyer Fairfax VA who can help you identify where you need to take a stand.

Don’t Blame Each Other

Blame is the scapegoat that a lot of couples use during divorce. It’s always something you or your partner have done and that is the reason why your marriage is crumbling. This is childish, to say the least. You both are adults and you should own the fact that someone was at fault.

It’s a sign showing that you’re mature and it elevates your personality in front of other people. So, if you want to get out of this mess, without any major damage, then stop the blame game.

No Room For Ill Will

There’s nothing worse than having an ill will or vice behind the motive. Some agreements need to be made in a way that benefits both of you. A lot of the time, one partner or the other can use this agreement to hurt the other. This is not the right way.

People are selfish, but you need to realize that the same thing can happen to you, in the future, so try to be as cordial and giving as you can, during the agreement phase, because most fights start here.

Children Come First

If you’re trying to go for a divorce and have children, then they should be at the forefront of your mind at all times. Whatever decision you make needs to benefit the children as well. You need to look after their well-being and make decisions based on their best interests.

Now that you’re a parent, your children’s needs will always come first and that should be the main priority for you. Working together for the betterment of your children is real winning.


Divorces are never easy, but these things are going to smooth out the trail as much as possible, and you’ll both be on your way, in a somewhat friendly manner. Anything is better than going at each other’s neck during divorce proceedings. So, talk to each other and if you both agree to divorce amicably, consult an uncontested divorce attorney Fairfax VA to get started.

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