What Are Black Granite Countertops And Why You Should Choose Them

Granite kitchen countertops are available in a lot of variants, on the basis of color, texture and veining. Today, we will be talking about black granite and its benefits as a countertop material.

What Is Black Granite?

Black granite is one of the many variants of normal granite stone. It is a darker, more elegant version of a normal granite slab. Think of black granite as a view of a dark night sky on your countertop. Black granite has black talc and mica in it, which imparts it deep and beautiful black color. The veining in black granite is light in color and it looks like an array of stars spread across the granite.

Black granite countertops are available in two main types: matte finishes and pearl finishes. The more popular among the two is the pearl finish, because it has a lustrous appearance to it and it looks great in kitchens. The contrast of a light and muted kitchen with dark granite countertops is amazing and woos people every single time.

Why Should You Choose Black Granite?

Black granite is a great option for people who are looking for some change in color in their light-colored kitchen. It is just as good as simple granite and has the same durability and strength as a normal slab of granite, but the black color of granite adds to the beauty and mystery of the stone. The stone looks amazing not just on kitchen countertops, but it also goes well in bathrooms as fixtures or sinks.

Black granite is, sometimes, also used in the manufacturing of sinks and bathtubs, which look so beautiful that words cannot describe its elegance and beauty.

Just changing up the color of your granite with the help of a countertop contractor can add so much difference to your entire layout. The room looks new and improved, and it is just due to a small change in the color of your countertop.

How To Maintain Black Granite?

Black granite is just as easy to maintain as any other granite countertop. It can be easily cleaned with some soap and water and a clean and soft microfiber cloth. It is very easy to maintain and if you take care of it properly, then granite will last you a very long time. One drawback of black granite is that it does collect dust over its surface. So you do need to clean it every day. As it is a dark color, it shows dust a lot.

Also, you should not cut anything directly on top of any granite surface, because it can show a lot of scratches and on black granite, it looks more visible, because on top of black granite the scratches look almost white. So, in this regard, the black granite has to be dealt with a little bit of care. Other than these few things, black granite is highly durable and it is a strong material which can withstand heat and a lot of impact as well.

Can I Use Black Granite For Any Room?

As mentioned previously, black granite is not just good for kitchen countertops, it can be used in bathrooms, kitchen islands and dining tables as well. It is a very versatile material which can add a lot of character to any room you install it in. For installation, it is best if you hire someone professional to do the work for you, because the granite blocks are extremely heavy and you cannot easily install them by yourself, so having a helping hand is good in this case.

It is also very cost effective as compared to other countertop materials. It is a cheaper version of granite. So, it is in the reach of everybody. Sinks and bathrooms made with accents of black granite look extremely beautiful and they add a lot to the room. Changing up the color of your countertop or fixtures can add a lot of change to your room. This is why black granite is so popular nowadays.

There you have it! Who would’ve known that black granite is such an amazing material for countertops? It is one of the most stylish countertop materials out in the market. So, visit a granite installer Reston and tell them you need black granite.

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